Wingate School
Fri, 29 Jan, 12:09 (3 days ago)
to bursar

Dear All,
Firstly, a reminder that if your child is unwell you need to message the office that morning. If he/she continues to be absent then regular contact with the office is necessary.

A number of children seem to be arriving after the 9am bell. Please set your alarms 5 minutes earlier! In future, if children are late then they will have to wait until 2nd lesson 9:50am to enter unless they have a medical note or valid reason.

Another request from the office - Could all uniform orders please be sent to

PE - Whilst the weather is certainly cool in the morning, it becomes quite warm by the afternoon. Children wearing long tracksuit bottoms should have their shorts with them.

A reminder to Nursery parents - Miss Mason tells me a number of jumpers are still unnamed!

Don´t forget Tuesday 2nd February is a fiesta!

And if you want something to make you smile, have a look at the school facebook page - Reception class doing their Dough Disco!!