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100% Attendance Club

A new initiative was instilled by our Headteacher Mr Howells, in September 2022.

The 100% Club was created to reward our students for their punctuality and attendance throughout the school year.

This has proven to have a positive impact on attendance throughout the school.

The 100% Club strives (and is succeeding) to promote regular attendance and commitment from parents and pupils.

“Attend today — Achieve tomorrow”

Each day a student is absent is a lost opportunity for learning.
Good attendance habits pay off! 80% of success is being present.

Why is it so important to attend every day?

  • Learning is a progressive activity; Each day’s lessons build upon those of the previous day(s).
  • Reading the material and completing work independently does not compensate for direct interaction with the teacher.
  • Many classes use discussions, demonstrations, experiments and participation as part of the daily learning activities, These cannot be made up by those who are absent.

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