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Read about how Wingate school, founded in 1982 by Mr. and Mrs. Green, has grown from 9 students to an innovative school of over 430 students from over 20 different nationalities!

About Wingate School

Education. Community. Wellbeing. Innovation.

Wingate School prides itself in providing high quality British education enabling our students to achieve their academic ambitions and careers. That is not where our teaching ends as we make sure to never lose sight of the individual child. At Wingate we understand our role in our students’ well being and focus on nurturing their physical, emotional and social development.

In our ever growing world we help build essential modern day skills using technological advancements to have our students fully prepared to continue their journey into an innovative world. We are determined to make a positive impact to the future of our students, their families and our own staff whilst contributing to the community.

Wingate evolution

Wingate over the years


When it all began

Mr and Mrs Green opened the doors to Wingate School in the summer of 1982 to 9 children from 7 different nationalities. Annually the school grew and in1987 the top playground and school hall were built. In 1989 the Green family moved out and their former home was converted into the new reception and staffroom. By 1990 there were 150 pupils, 10 teachers and the school had grown to 8 classrooms, with a hall, and 2 science labs with the first children doing their GCSEs at Wingate and graduating.


The school continued to grow

The school continued to flourish; every summer spent reinvesting into expanding the school. Teachers' accommodation was required so 4 apartment´s were built opposite the school. In 1996 a fantastic new art room was created. By 1999 the tower block was completed over the junior block. By the end of the decade there were over 240 students and 20 staff members.


A good reputation

The good reputation of the school spread along with the tourism in Tenerife. The teacher’s apartment´s were converted into classrooms and the School Sixth form was inaugurated in 2003 with 6 students offering 10 subjects. In 2006 the first A’level students graduated with excellent results. From 2002, due to a change in Spanish law, the school was finally able to accept Spanish students. In 2004 the UK joined the free movement of labour across the EU making recruiting British staff much easier. By 2010 the school had almost doubled in size and had 380 students and over 30 staff.


Times of change

With the passing of Mr Green in 2014, Mr Macrae became the new Head of School. A memorial garden was built in a peaceful corner of the school. In 2016 Wingate became the first school on the island to incorporate Google Classroom and Chromebooks in the entire senior school. Solar panels were installed on the roof of the tower block allowing the school to become almost 100% self-sufficient. The school continued to pass the school inspections with flying colours and in 2017 we decide to switch to the more stringent and globally recognised BSO inspection. In 2018 hot school meals were introduced, using a professional external caterer service, providing healthy warm meals to over 100 students. By the end of this decade the school numbers had hit 450 students with over 60 staff members.


As we are today

In 2022 a total rebranding of the school takes place and a new logo and website are created to reflect the quality and transition of Wingate into the modern day. The school offices undergo a redesign and a green recreational park and study area are created, giving our students a place to relax, learn, and partake in outdoor lessons in a pleasant and calming atmosphere. It is wheelchair accessible and has a grass area for relaxing, and numerous seated study zones for outdoor learning. This Green Park Recreational Area is inaugurated at the 40th anniversary of the school in September 2022.

40th anniversary

Celebrating 40 years of education

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