Information for parents

Information for parents

Life at Wingate goes beyond the classroom as we guide our students’ transition from childhood to adulthood during their time in our care

As we guide our students through their growth we provide an innovative curriculum, extra-curricular activities and excursions in a caring community. We believe in a child’s educational and emotional development. Read on to learn more about life at Wingate.


We pride ourselves that our curriculum goes beyond academic objectives, at Wingate we focus on each individual child

We prepare our students for life after school, not just by giving them a broad and well balanced education but also by instilling correct values and attitudes to give them the best start in life. We nurture a love of learning, alongside a stimulating and inspiring learning journey to achieve these goals.

At Wingate we follow the National Curriculum set out by the Department for Education of the British Government. This curriculum is under constant revision by educational experts and is kept modern and suited to preparing children for higher studies or employment later on in their lives.

Learn more about what Wingate offers on our Education page!


Curricula Wingate School


Our students are given the opportunity to build new skills to enhance their education

Every term we compile a new list of diverse extracurricular activities which varies based on our students’ choices.

The following activities are currently taking place for 2023/2024:
Lunchtime clubs: French Activity Club, Choir, Mythology Club, Performance Club, School Choir, Debate Club, Coding Club, Gymnastics Club, Personal Training for Football Club, Football Skills Club
After school activities: Dance Leaders Level : Giving our students the foundation for teaching dance to others. Edexcel International Young Learners: (Formerly KS1 / KS2 EAL club) Testing the students ability to use structures and functions in realistic contexts, assessing their use of language communicative tasks. SNAG golf: An alternative of teaching golf, using a wide variety of techniques. Tennis: A great sport for improving coordination. Street Dance: Learn 5 styles of street dance. Woodcarving: Become a craftsman and artist creating magnificent wood carvings. Performing Arts: Find your inner superstar and shine! Lego Explore: Build robots and learn about alternative sources of power. Lego Challenge: Designed to create, build and problem solve. Fun Club: Fun and games, sand and water with lots of laughter! Fit for Fun Club: A wide a variety of sports and coordination games.

Horse Riding
First Lego League
Rock Cimbing
Musical Theatre
Chess Club
Fun Club

Fun Club

This activity allows children to learn fine motor skills and develop their confidence and self-esteem.
It boosts counting and pattern recognition, aswell as teaching shapes and colours.

Lego League Challenge

Lego League Challenge

Guides youth through STEM learning and exploration. From Discover, to Explore, and then to Challenge, students will understand the basics of STEM and apply their skills in an exciting competition while building habits of learning, confidence, and teamwork skills along the way.

Coding Club

Coding Club

Providing students with an awareness of various programming methods and domains.

Coding Club

Perfoming Arts

Performing Arts

The performing arts are a multidisciplinary genre. They offer a platform to train and develop artistically in music, theatre, dance and visual arts.

Tennis Club

Tennis Club

A great sports for improving and finely-tuning children's coordination. From keeping your children running around the court to helping them judge the right time to hit the ball, this form of cardiovascular exercise will strengthen their arms, legs and their concentration.

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Why choose Wingate's after school programme?


We only work at top institutions and centres in the south of the island.


Transport Included. Pick your children up an hour later. If off-site, we will transport them there straight from school.


Your child will be supervised until the moment you pick them up.


We organise everything for you from beginning to end.


We will continuously be growing our offering of activities.


Meeting our students’ nutritional needs improves their ability to focus on their education

Thoughtful care and planning is given to make sure that school lunchtime is an enjoyable and safe experience with time spent enjoying a healthy meal in the company of their peers and our trained staff.

Standard menu

We offer a hot, highly nutritious and healthy meal with a morning snack included with locally sourced vegetables. A dedicated team of chefs prepare the monthly menus.

Vegetarian menu

Dietary requirements are all catered for; vegan, vegetarian, coeliac, etc, at no extra cost.

Bus service

Build a sustainable morning routine by applying for our bus service

Save yourself time and the stress of school runs with our bus service. If you would like to apply for this service please contact us.

Return One way
Los Gigantes €170.00 €94.70
Callao Salvaje / El Médano €145.55 €79.70
Adeje / Fañabé / Golf Del Sur €129.35 €68.15
Los Cristianos/ Las Americas €123.60 €65.95
Chayofa €75.05 €41.60

Morning Pick-up point Afternoon
07:30 Puerto Santiago 17:10
07:30 Playa la Arena, Titsa Bus Stop 17:10
07:32 Lidl, Los Gigantes 17:10
07:35 Alcalá, Titsa Bus Stop 17:00
07:35 Playa San Juan, Alteza Bakery 17:00
07:50 Callao Salvaje, Titsa Bus Stop 16:50
08:00 Bahía Prícipe Hotel, Playa Paraíso 16:35
08:10 Mercadona, Adeje 16:25
08:10 Local Police Station, Adeje 16:20
08:15 El Galeón, Adeje 16:20
08:15 Los Olivos, Adeje 16:25
08:20 Fañabé - Alicur 16:20
08:25 San Eugenio 16:05
08:25 Policia Nacional Las Americas 16:00
08:35 Chayofa 15:50


Morning Pick-up point Afternoon
07:40 Vista Hermosa 16:00
07:40 Paradise Park 16:00
Piscina Municipal 16:00
07:45 Titsa El Camisón 16:10
07:48 Titsa Zentral Center 16:12
07:55 Caldera del Rey 16:20
07:57 Avda Europa (San Eugenio Alto) 16:22
08:00 Laguna Park 16:24
08:05 Balcón del Atlántico 16:27
08:10 Roque del Conde Alto 16:30
08:15 Arco Roque del Conde 16:32
08:18 El Rodeo 16:34
08:20 Colegio Costa Adeje 16:40
08:25 Terrazas del Duque 16:50
08:30 C.C Duke 16:50
08:32 C.C Fañabé Plaza 16:50


Morning Pick-up point Afternoon
Guaza 15:55
07:30 El Medano / San Isidro TGAS Station 16:10
07:35 El Medano - La Hermita 16:15
07:45 El Medano – El Cabezo 16:30
07:45 El Medano – Montaña Pelada 16:30
07:52 La Tejita 16:30
07:45 Los Abrigos Titsa 16:35
08:00 Golf del Sur (Guincho) 16:40
08:05 Llano del Camello 16:45
08:15 Parque de la Reina 16:05
08:25 El Palm-Mar 17:05


Excursions enhance the curriculum by allowing students to better grasp and retain concepts. Learning by doing!

Excursions promote engagement levels, build confidence, teamwork and create connections with others. Each year students at Wingate take an active role in helping choose the activities for that year. Take a look at some of our previous excursions.

Whale watching
Beach clean ups
Dog rescue
Scuba diving

Whale watching

Tenerife is an incredible place for whale watching as it is home to large resident populations of Pilot whales and Bottlenose dolphins.


Beach clean ups

At Wingate we teach our students to give back to community which resulted in one of our excursions being dedicated to cleaning up our beautiful beaches.


Dog rescue

We seek our students to have a positive effect on every social environment that we come in contact with. Walking dogs at the dog rescue results into both student and dog to unwind.


Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a fun, exciting and exhilarating sport which provides our students access to a whole new world.

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Wonder Camps

Welcome to Wonder Camps

Discover the magic of Wonder Camps, where adventure and learning intertwine to create unforgettable school holiday experiences. Our camp offers a safe and enjoyable environment for both Wingate students and external applicants. With a blend of exciting activities, educational opportunities, and expert supervision, we ensure every child's time with us is filled with wonder and delight. Join us for an enriching journey where friendships are forged, skills are honed, and memories are made.

Click here to register

Green Park Recreational Area

Introducing the new Green Park Recreational Area at Wingate

We are excited to announce a new recreational area and all the possibilities that come along with it. Whether it will be a chance for students and teachers to create new clubs or what it will add to the activities available at Wingate School. There will be options for our students to participate with their peers in a game of table tennis, giant chess, volleyball, badminton or play some golf on our putting green. They will also be given the chance to take a step back and withdraw to a quiet corner to either study or read a book.

Wingate also has a basketball court, an indoor theatre, and extensive use of the local astroturf football pitch.

Innovation and sustainability

Wingate School is always actively working to improve and provide a sustainable and innovative community for our students

Wingate is one of the first schools to go all digital in Tenerife. Digital learning tools in classrooms can increase student engagement, help teachers improve their lesson plans, and facilitate personalised learning. Helping students to build essential modern day skills using technological advancements such as Unifrog and Gooseberry planet, the latter to give children a fun way of learning how to use the internet as safely as possible.

Our commitment to the cause

In 2016 we had solar panels installed allowing Wingate to be almost 100% sustainable and changed all lighting to energy efficient LED light bulbs, we teach students how to recycle, we strive to be paperless and Wingate has installed a hot looped running water saving on a lot of water per day. Our students are taught about respect for the environment through initiatives such as our “Biologists for one day - whale watching excursion" and our frequent beach clean ups.

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