Information for parents

Information for parents

It's official! We are an OUTSTANDING school!

Wingate School is an “Outstanding School in all aspects”. It is official.

After an intensive 3 day inspection, a team of BSO inspectors from PENTA, representing the UK Department for Education, have just declared Wingate School to be “An outstanding school in every aspect” firmly cementing its place amongst the top schools in the world.

A very proud moment for a school with pretty humble beginnings.

This certificate, proclaiming the school to be “Outstanding in Every Category”, places the school amongst the top 60 International British Schools in the world, and in the top 5 in the whole of Spain.

The inspectors highlighted the following strengths of the school:

  • vision and ambition of the school’s owners and headteacher, to continually develop and improve the school;
  • passion of teachers to provide outstanding learning opportunities for their students;
  • highly motivated, well-behaved students who have excellent attitudes to learning;
  • standards achieved by students, both academically and personally;
  • personalisation of learning, and support and intervention for individual students, based on assessed need, to enable all to succeed;
  • teaching of English, both subject specific and language across the curriculum;
  • learning environments in primary, particularly the use of displays and learning walls, to support students’ learning;
  • Early Years Foundation Stage practice, which is enhanced by the excellent learning environment;
  • rigorous safeguarding procedures and the focus on the well-being of students and staff;
  • continuous professional development, linked to teacher appraisal and school improvement planning;
  • effective communications with parents;
  • strong relationships and a harmonious learning environment;
  • pride taken in the school by the whole school community.

See official report.


Wingate school endeavours to provide children from all nationalities with a quality British education

With a high focus on achieving the correct attitude as well as grades, our students leave school as confident, well rounded individuals. Read more about Education.

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Life at Wingate goes beyond the classroom as we guide our students’ transition from childhood to adulthood during their time in our care

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Founded in 1982 by Mr. and Mrs. Green, Wingate School has grown from 9 students to an innovative school of over 450 students from over 20 different nationalities

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