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Wingate School Choir

It all started with Miss Pearson, our students and their love for music.

Our prestigious choir first started in 2018 and has continued to grow within the school community.

“Everyone goes the extra mile to make sure the performances hit the right note and leave a positive mark on everyone’s memory”

Students often choose to use their lunchtime to rehearse with Miss Pearson, who also offers her own free time to ensure the show is a success.

Performing offers many emotional, physical and social benefits.

Creative self-expression is an innate desire and a reason why performing arts are an important part of a well-rounded education.

Singing in choirs is a forum for sharing, laughter and fun. It also provides a safe environment to try new skills.

It is very important for children; an inclusive activity whereby all children can be equal and connected.

WE KNOW we’re biased, but we think our Wingate Choir is AMAZING!

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