Information for parents

Information for parents

Wingate School endeavours to provide international children with a quality British education

With a high focus on having the correct attitude as well as grades, our students leave school as confident, well rounded individuals.

“At Wingate, optimising the quality of the education we offer is always our number one priority. We do this by investing heavily in our staff; using stringent recruiting techniques and keeping a high teacher to student ratio. The education we provide is second to none, and our results speak for themselves; we have just been recognised as an Outstanding School by BSO inspectors, and our children leave school as happy, confident, well rounded individuals, well prepared for the real world.”

Jon Green
Jonathan Green

CEO at Wingate School


Students flourish at Wingate School under the care and guidance of our enthusiastic and highly trained teachers

At Wingate our teachers can adapt their teaching to their students. Each child really is an individual, and while this recognition helps them gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, it also allows teachers to offer more tailored support when needed.


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A British Education

Creating open-minded, creative and innovative individuals

Creating a school environment which:

  • Welcomes, respects, includes and promotes students from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Cares, nurtures and supports all our students
  • Enables students to feel safe and secure
  • Encourages students to be independent thinkers, capable of communicating ideas and opinions

Contributing to a positive, friendly and supportive atmosphere by:

  • Teaching students to demonstrate respect for adults, teachers and other students
  • Providing a sense of well being and security within Wingate’s community
  • Showing them respect as young learners and help them with any difficulties that they may encounter

Providing high quality learning experiences which:

  • Are provided by talented and highly qualified staff
  • Support, stretch and challenge students to reach and exceed their potential
  • Encourage students to become independent learners both in and out of school

Developing the ‘whole student’ through:

  • Effective and supportive personal development with tutorial and pastoral care arrangements
  • Structured programmes of Personal, Social and Health Education
  • Involvement in enrichment activities
  • Participation in initiatives where they can work independently and collectively to support local communities

Providing clear guided routes for our students into further study and/or employment by:

  • Partnering with Unifrog to help our students give them the best advantage possible to access university
  • Encouraging students to undertake work experience in the holidays to enhance their university or job applications and help make a well-rounded individual
  • Providing the needed skills and education to students during their time at Wingate to grow them into open minded, creative and innovative well-rounded individuals

Why you should enrol?

10 reasons for choosing Wingate School for your children

To make the daunting process of choosing the correct school easier, we have compiled a list of unique features that will help show you why Wingate School is the right decision for you and your child to start their academic journey.

Leaving school with a command of the English language ,sets students up for any educational or career path they choose, transition and access to universities and career pathways worldwide. Children leaving Wingate are often considered ‘native English speakers’ giving them a huge advantage throughout their whole lives, both career and personal.

Ensuring that your child is bilingual in English and Spanish is not our only objective and reason for you to choose Wingate. Our children are taught and encouraged at all times to be pleasant, courteous, independent and forward thinkers. This, along with the great education they achieve at Wingate, means that they are highly sought after as employees and business partners, and are accepted into Universities all over the world. It is not only due to the high levels of academic achievement, but also because of the interpersonal skills and extracurricular knowledge they learn during their time at Wingate, that they obtain a much higher chance of success in life when they leave.

We prepare our pupils for life after school, not just by giving them a broad and well balanced education but also by instilling correct values and attitudes to give them the best start in life. We nurture a love of learning, alongside a stimulating and inspiring learning journey to achieve these goals. Our exam results speak for themselves IGCSE and A-level.

With small class sizes (current student to teacher ratios are 13:8 for the whole school), your child gets the individual attention necessary for them to thrive. Children are known personally by their teachers which not only gives the children a feeling of self worth and improves their self confidence, but also allows the staff to carefully monitor the child’s development.

We recognise and acknowledge the unique spirit and talent of each individual child. Children have a sense of belonging in a supportive and happy environment where their range of talents and creativity will be nurtured enabling them to achieve excellence.

We expect high standards of behaviour of our pupils at all times and have full control of which students are allowed to study at Wingate. This ensures that the learning environment around your child is correctly maintained. We encourage respectful, open and tolerant attitudes towards other pupils and the students are responsive to this. Have a look at our school policies here

We have a robust recruiting process and full control of our employment policies to ensure the best teachers are always at Wingate. We know how important having quality staff is to the education of your child and, at this school, teachers are highly valued and respected. They are all dedicated to creating a genuine love of learning within each pupil and are trained to promote independent thinking throughout the school.

The level of English in the school is second to none in the whole of Spain. All subjects (except Spanish Language) are taught by native English qualified teachers. Your child is surrounded constantly by high quality English (by staff and other students) and soon becomes fluent. With 4 full time native Spanish teachers teaching your child up to 5 classes a week, the level of Spanish in the school is maintained at a high level, preparing the children also for a career in Spain.

All our senior students from Year 5 onward work with Chromebooks and Google Classroom full time, Years 3 & 4 have access to a class set. This enables them to develop their computer skills and prepares them for a career in a modern office. They research class material, do their homework, play creative learning games, read their textbooks, give presentations… and more, all on their own personal laptop.

With over 20 different nationalities at the school and a very active approach to diversity, students are prepared to be a part of a global community where attitudes and experiences are shared. An understanding and consideration of others is not just taught but also experienced.

Parents are welcome to discuss their child's education at anytime - we believe that the partnership of parents and teachers is vital to achieve the child's full potential. In the Infant and Junior department we regularly invite the parents to Open Classes to see their child learning for themselves. We have Open Days throughout the whole school where parents discuss their children’s development directly with the individual teacher.

This strict 3 day evaluation by 4 highly trained inspectors analyses all aspects of a school's education program and staff abilities and has rated Wingate as an “OUTSTANDING school in all aspects". Only 80 overseas British schools in the world (and only 5 in Spain) have achieved such a high accolade.

Wingate Team

Meet some of our team


Miss Pearson

Head of Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Louise Estévez

Mrs Estévez

Head of Primary School

Miss Tolfrey

Head of Senior School

Mr Howells

Head of Wingate


Mr Mack

Development Manager

Noemi García

Miss García

School Secretary

Miss Ramírez

School Secretary

Mrs Richards

School Secretary

Claire Suggitt

Primary School Wellbeing Coordinator

Alison Finnie

Senior School Wellbeing Coordinator

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