Information for parents

Information for parents

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our community at Wingate School where we teach children who shape the world

Let us guide you through the admissions process

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Process and status

You have chosen Wingate School for your child's education

To guide you through our admission process we have created an easy step-by-step guide. You can start, pause and continue the process at any time.

Process and Status step 1

Step 1

Complete our online application form

Click on ‘Enrol Now’ and complete the form to start your admission at Wingate! Please read the information before you start.

Process and Status step 2

Step 2

Upload the following documents

  • Birth certificate for all children
  • Passports for all children
  • Parents’ passports and NIE/DNI number
  • Parents’ Empadronamiento

When transferring from another school:

  • 2 most recent school years reports (for children over 3 years old) and SEN report where appropriate
  • A signed declaration from your child’s previous school that there are no outstanding issues with school fees. Only applicable if coming from a private school
Process and Status step 3

Step 3

Schedule an interview

Pay the registration fee and arrange an interview with a member of staff who will ensure that Wingate School is the right place for you and your child. This registration fee is refundable if, at any point you wish to withdraw your application before you are formally offered a place in the school.

Process and Status step 4

Step 4

Final stage

An interview will take place together with a personalised assessment to determine whether a place will be offered followed by the Wingate acceptance letter and information pack.

Fees and family discount

Frequently Asked Questions

We have carefully selected several FAQs to help you on your journey to enrol your child

If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us so we can help you further!

You can find all the information about Fees and Family Discount here

This document can be obtained at your Town Hall once you are registered in Tenerife

Only applicable if the previous school was private , a document from the school confirming there are no outstanding school fees

Once the interview has been completed if they are accepted you will receive an acceptance letter

A combination of written, spoken and comprehension. We will test their level of English to ensure that they are capable of understanding the lessons and that their move to study in Wingate will not be detrimental to their educational development. We also will check the child’s attitude and behaviour and ensure that they will contribute to a positive experience for everyone whilst they are at Wingate. Most students who fail the interview process are due to our staff believing that the child’s level of English would not allow them to follow lessons properly and would negatively impact their progress.

If this is the case, we now have an English Development Programme where students can study intensive English at Wingate, quickly learning the vocabulary necessary to understand the curriculum, and at the same time doing joint classes and activities where they can integrate into the school and get to know their future classmates. Once their English is good enough, and there is space available in their class, they will join the main school. Click here for more info.

We will do our best to give you a realistic expectation based on the current waiting list at that time

We have to ensure that your child is capable of following the lessons correctly and that studying at Wingate will not be detrimental to their educational development

Join the Wingate community and start your admission today!

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