Dear All,

Firstly, a reminder that if your child is unwell you need to message the office that morning. If he/she continues to be absent then regular contact with the office is necessary.

A number of children seem to be arriving after the 9am bell. Please set your alarms 5 minutes earlier! In future, if children are late then they will have to wait until 2nd lesson 9:50am to enter unless they have a medical note or valid reason.

Another request from the office - Could all uniform orders please be sent to

Don´t forget Tuesday 2nd February is a fiesta!

5S and 3S will need to wear their PE kits on Friday.

PE - it is recommended that children bring a cap and have sun cream applied before school. There were some red faces last week.

Finally, Curriculum Newsletters for each year group are now available on the school website to provide you with a little information about the subjects covered this term. I have also added the links below:

Have a good week,
Mrs L Estevez

Head of Junior School