Dear All,

Tomorrow we will be starting our online lessons from 9am.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will follow the normal class timetables. There will be a snack break from 10.30am -11am and lunch from 12.30 - 1.30pm. Classes will finish at 3.30pm.
Rest assured, the children are not missing out academically and the classes will be delivered through your child's Google classroom. All children have experience using this platform, both during the school day and during the Spring Lockdown. Year 3 have practised using it this week and have their passwords in their Home School Records, just in case they forget them! At the top of each classroom is the link for the class video Meet. Teachers will be on the video meet daily to help support their classes.
ALL children are expected to be on video meet at 9:00am and to sign into their Google classroom.

I know that this is a strange way to finish off the term but as a whole Junior school we have all done an amazing job at following the new rules during this long term and it is better to finish this way to ensure that we all have a safe and enjoyable christmas.
Mrs L Estevez

Head of Junior School