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August 2023 Newsletter

Things have been hectic here at Wingate during the summer. Summer school was a first for us at Wingate and was fantastic. 5 new classrooms have been built to accommodate the expansion of the school as well as welcoming 9 new teachers!! 

We are really excited about this academic year and have many new projects and exciting things planned. We are introducing our student charter to give the responsibility of behaviour and conduct to the students. 

We set our targets and they work hard to maintain and achieve them, to stretch and challenge everyone within the school. 

Peer mentoring and buddy systems to welcome new members to the Wingate family as well as maintaining our Outstanding standards and expectations.

Exam results have been excellent again this year in all areas of the school from assessments in EYFS to SATs in Primary and A Levels, and IGCSE´s in Seniors.

Some changes have been made to make the school operationally safer (car parking and increased bus service) as we encourage you to utilise the bus service to avoid congestion around the school campus,especially at home time. We have improved the IT systems within school to increase internet service and make studying at Wingate a quicker and more efficient process. New qualifications begin this year in years 10 and 12 as we introduce BTEC Art and Design, Performing Arts and IT. These qualifications are widely recognised and give a firm basis to build careers and work ethics in the chosen areas ready for working in that industry. We will see you all back in school on Wednesday 6th September and look forward to welcoming you at the gates.

Kind regards


We are very happy to share our IGCSE and A Level exam results with you. The students and teachers should be very proud of themselves.

IGCSE results

Wingate School’s IGCSE results are just fantastic. Well done to all the pupils and teachers who worked so hard to achieve these grades.

An amazing 88% of our grades were a C or above. What is even more impressive is that our A-A* results are almost DOUBLE the UK average.

Have a look at the table below to see our stats and how they compare to the National UK average.

Well done everyone!

Our A Level results were even more impressive.

We are delighted to report our A Level results for 2022/23 with 100% pass rates for all our Year 13 students.

37% of students gained A* or A grades whilst 10% gained A* grades. Both are above national averages in the UK.

Our A-C grades are 80% which again is above national averages and maintains Wingate’s “Outstanding” status in terms of outcomes for students in the inspection frameworks. We also have 100% progression into university or further study and wish all our students all the best for the future.


NEW! We have spent the last 6 months developing an amazing bilingual parent portal for you to have direct access to your child’s information at Wingate. You can see all of your child’s academic info, their timetable, you can register for the bus, extra curricular activities and school meals, view their reports, attendance etc and see your invoices and read our newsletters, all at a click!

Register now (only on phone)


As of September 2023 it is compulsory for all students to wear the new uniform (PE kit – School PE T-shirt and shorts).

Any items of previous uniform will no longer be permitted to be worn in school.

Please label ALL items of uniform with your child’s name and class.

visit the uniform shop

New Students



On Calle Mirador de la Cumbrita. The first gate you see on the right as you arrive. There is a car park to your left.


This is the second entrance on Calle Mirador de la Cumbita. There is a carpark and dropoff zone on your left.


This is on Calle Tinguaro.
For Seniors and their siblings.

Meeting Points

On the first day of school , all NEW students must be at their designated meeting point for 8:30am


Seniors meet on the top playground in the shaded area.


Primary students meet at the green area G1 by the primary entrance


EDP students meet by the junior block in the junior playground

Here is a map of the school so you can get your bearings.

Download printable map.

Please drive EXTRA carefully through the streets of Cabo Blanco and in the school car parks following the one-way systems indicated above.

IMPORTANT: Senior/Sibling entrance (Calle Tinguaro) will not be accessible to parents until the end of the school day 15:45.

We would like to encourage you to use the school bus service to alleviate congestion around the school- please DO NOT block the road.

English Development Programme

As of September 2023 non-native children who do not have the necessary level of English to join our mainstream classes now have the option of a place on our English Development Programme.

more information

New Staff

Wingate is growing! There are many more students starting in September and we have been on a massive recruitment campaign to hire the best teachers.

We would like to welcome our new members of staff that will be joining us in September:

  • Mr Burgess Year 12 Tutor & Music
  • Mrs Burgess Year 1 Teacher
  • Miss Mather Teaching Assistant
  • Miss De Maria Year 7 Tutor & English
  • Miss Ferran Year 5 Teacher
  • Miss Madden EDP Teacher
  • Miss Cummings Year 5 Teacher
  • Sra. Garcia Support Staff
  • Sra. Berard Science & Maths Teacher

School Improvements

It has been a busy summer with lots of improvements to the school which include:

  • 5 new classrooms.
  • Upgraded internet performance and speed throughout the school.
  • Boosted climatization within the school.
  • Green Park has been enhanced. The grass has been reseeded to make it more resiliant and improving the gardens.
  • A fresh coat of paint has been given throughout the school.
  • A special white sun reflecting paint has been applied on the roofs to lower the temperatures inside each classroom in a environmentally sustainable way.
  • A third bus route has been added to improve our bus schedule and reduce the duration of each route.
  • A new wellbeing room.
  • More shaded areas have been added for our Foundation Department.
  • A new Chromebook IT company has been sourced to provide a more efficient service.
  • Online Parent Portal. An app where you can access all of your child’s academic information and register for additional services.
  • Summer school was an amazing success. We are looking into offering this service for both Easter and Half Term holidays.

Extracurricular Activities

We have some wonderful new extra curricular activities for our students.

sign up

Bus Service

View the routes here


sign up

Catering Service

You can sign up for our catering service with a 30€ per month discount in the parent portal.

sign up

100 Club

Students who achieve 100% attendance each term will be rewarded.

The only exception will be medical absences which MUST be verified with evidence of the medical visit.

Please note that the Summer term 100 Club will take into account the overall school year attendance.

Be aware that late arrivals (after 08.55 hrs) will affect your children´s attendance.

Academic School Excursions

As of September 2023, to make this easier, this fee will be charged directly to your school account at the beginning of the school year.

view school fees

Contact Information

Parents and guardians should also be reminded that it is essential to obtain a Spanish mobile contact number.

All parents (please) MUST ensure that the school has your correct address, telephone number and email address.

In this rapidly changing world it becomes increasingly necessary to have a quick and reliable means of communication.

To update your information please contact

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