Miss Ellie Gipps is a former student at Wingate School and before going back to the UK for university, she was an integral member of the highly successful South Tenerife Cheerleaders group. Now on her return to Tenerife, she is trying to reform the group. Ellie visited the school and ran a number of sessions with our students to introduce them to the skills of cheerleading. We wish her luck with her endeavours.

Cheerleading is a new and increasingly growing sport throughout Europe. This sport is no longer on the sidelines, nor waving pom poms. Cheerleading is a challenging and competitive sport that is now provisional for the 2024 Olympics games. Cheerleading consists of four different elements tumbling, stunts, dance and jumps.

Throughout February Wingate Senior Students had the opportunity to learn some cheerleading skills during their physical education sessions. One of Wingate’s former student Ellie Gipps (Coach of Tenerife South Cheerleaders) enjoyed coming and teaching Wingate’s students different stunts and positions. The students did a great job at working together as team and creating formations. If any parents/students would be interested in joining Ellie’s Cheerleading Club you can contact Ellie on Facebook @tenerifesouthcheerleaders or via email tenerifesouthcheerleaders@outlook.com.