Dear All,

We are excited to tell you about our Junior “Fun Club” will be starting Tuesday 5th of November.

Our Infant teachers will be organizing a variety of activities after school for your child to be involved in – from painting to model-making, collage and craft activities, sand and water play, and playing board and floor games.

“Fun Club” will take place from 3.45-4.45pm, from Monday to Thursday. The children may bring a small snack to have at 3.30pm and will be supervised till “Fun Club” starts, so parents do not need to come to school until 4.45pm.

(We may introduce Fridays at a later date if there is sufficient interest)

Miss Brown, Miss Hall, Miss Coutanche and Miss Pearson will take turns to lead the sessions.

There is a minimum of 10 children and the cost of each session will be 4€. Some parents may want just one session a week, some may want all (especially due to work commitments and Christmas fast approaching!!) Please inform the office this week if you are interested in our “Fun Club”, starting on the 5th of November, so that staff can begin to prepare.

The choir will be performing in the Remembrance Service this Sunday 10th November at Westhaven Bay hotel in Costa del Silencio. The service will begin at 10.30am. All parents are warmly invited to join us. Letters to choir members will be going home on Tuesday.

The Xmas production is fast approaching and over the next few weeks the children will need to start to think about their costumes.
To begin with, Year 3 costumes - each child will need a grey t-shirt, grey leggings and grey socks. Please DO NOT bring the costumes into school just yet.

Also , we have had a number of reports from parents and staff that some parents are not using the car park correctly and even reports of a lack of respect for each other. It is imperative that you only use a proper parking space if you are going to leave your car unattended and the importance of using the correct one-way system to allow the free flow of traffic. Above all please remember to be considerate of each other and the children.

Should you wish to enrol your child/children on the school subsidised bus service to avoid the problems of the car park, or any of the other benefits that the bus service provides, please contact the school office. The 3 bus services have 3 bus guides which are full-time, long serving members of the school staff.

Kind Regards

Mrs. Estevez
Head of Juniors