Dear All,

Please note that infant children can not use the tuck shop - nor can older siblings get things for them. Some Year 2 children think they are allowed!!

A reminder - Reception reading meeting - Tuesday 17th September 3.45pm. Could parents check bags every day and take out papers. Some bags are already getting full!

Nursery parents - Please fasten the Nursery gate behind you when you are entering or leaving (both locks please)
- If your child brings any little toys home from Nursery in their pockets or bags could you please return them.
- Thais has lost 2 little cloth bags. Please return if you find them.
- Some children in Nursery still need to bring a photo for their name card.
- Next week - Nursery need to bring lunch and the children will stay until 1.30pm.

Have a good weekend!
Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department