Dear All,

Firstly I have to comment on our Remembrance service this morning. A difficult concept for young children to understand but our Infant children joined the whole school with perfect discipline and respect and proudly sang their "poppy song" at the end!

A reminder - the infant children are not allowed to bring nuts or kiwi fruit for snacks or lunch. This includes Nursery.

For your information our school has registered to be involved in "World Nursery Rhyme" week. This will start on Monday 19th November. Each day the children have a rhyme to learn. These are the rhymes (in case you want to have a little look beforehand!) -
Monday - 5 Currant Buns
Tuesday - Humpty Dumpty
Wednesday - A Sailor went to Sea
Thursday - I´m a Little Teapot
Friday - Round and Round the Garden

Have a good weekend!
Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department