Wingate Senior News Tuesday 15 October 2018

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Welcome: After a hiccup start, welcome back everyone and welcome to all our new staff, parents and students. The recreational area has new picnic benches which are proving very popular at break and lunch. We would like to keep the new entrance at the North of the school just for staff and the buses for the moment. Therefore, please continue to use the usual car parks at the South and the one-way system in the mornings and afternoons.

School Web site: We are constantly trying to improve our website so the content is relevant and up-to-date. Please make this your first ‘port of call’ for any general enquiries or questions.

Harvest Festival: Time to root through your cupboards or add an extra packet of pasta, cooking oil or milk into your weekly shopping basket, please. Each year we collect dry, tinned and preservable foods, which are shared between a church in the North of Tenerife and Tenerife Family Church in the South. All your donations are distributed to families in need either directly or through the food bank in the North. Please could we ask for you to send in all that you can now. Last day 24th October. There will be a short celebration assembly on the 25th October which parents are welcome to attend. However, Senior students will attend normal lessons.

Friday 26th October: Will be a normal school day and not Open Day. Should we have any concerns we will call you or you can of course, make an appointment with your child’s tutor, any subject teacher or Head of Key Stage through the office. First Progress Reports will be sent home on 24th or 25th of October.

Thursday 18th October: School Photo Day. Your child should wear school uniform NOT PE kit to school that day. They can bring their PE kit with them if they have PE or choose to go to the pitch. Family photos at lunchtime. Please note that the class photos will also be taken on this day. If you have any concerns about the class photo being distributed via social media and would prefer your child not to be included please advise the school office. This brings me nicely to the ongoing battles with student´s hair!
Please refer to our website via the following link:
It states: short & tidy hair for boys. The huge ‘mops’ on the top are not acceptable. Please use this Policy (and me!) to reinforce to your sons what is appropriate for school. Girls hair must be their natural colour, no coloured streaks.

Uniform: is considered very important at Wingate. Frankly, it is not fair to families who do have their children in the correct uniform if a small number ignore the rules! We will continue to be very strict on uniform so please ensure your child is in the correct uniform and correct footwear. The uniform shop has lots of stock particularly shorts for some female students which are way too short!

Jewellery: Latest H&S from the UK dictates that absolutely NO jewellery can be worn for sport or PE lessons. This includes religious or personal items, earrings or other piercings. Furthermore, PE lessons are a compulsory part of the UK National Curriculum. Therefore, we will only a doctor´s letter with a reason for why your child cannot take part in these lessons.

Chromebooks: Senior students are not allowed to use their Chromebooks at break time. This has had an immediate effect and much improved socialisation between students. I would also recommend that if you feel your child is overusing their Chromebook that at 22:00 you take it from them in order to charge it overnight. They do need to be fully charged for school each day, please.

Finally: Miss Morris is going on maternity leave from the beginning of November. We wish her well for the birth of her first baby. We are delighted that Mr Hudson is taking over Geography and responsibility of the tutor group 10EM for the duration of her leave. Mr Hudson is very well known to Wingate from his supply teaching and voluntary support in the last few years. So much for retirement, Mr H??

Upcoming events: Please check the school website and the calendar:

Thursday 18th October: School photo day, see note above

Wednesday 24th or 25th October: Progress Reports to parents. We are constantly trying to improve these and you will see some subtle changes to the explanation of each part of your child’s Report. This is designed to make it easier for you to see and understand their progress. Please remember amber colours are good - it means your child is on target.

Thursday 25th October: Harvest Festival (Seniors are not taking part).

Friday 26th October: Normal school day.

Monday 29th October to Friday 2nd November: Half term. School re-opens Monday 5th November.

Friday 9th November, Remembrance Service at 10:45: The whole of Wingate School will come together on the top playground to remember all those lost or injured in Wars and Conflict from all over the World. All are welcome. We will have our annual Poppy Appeal collection from early November.

Thank you.

Mr Colin Macrae
Head of Wingate School