Dear All,

The play is now fast approaching. This year’s Xmas play performances will be as follows:

Tuesday 12th December: Morning performance at 9.30am for Year 3 parents/family

Wednesday 13th December: Matinee performance at 2pm for ALL parents/family

Thursday 14th December: Evening performance at 7pm. Year 3 children are not expected to attend

Friday 15th December: Evening performance at 7pm. Year 3 children are not expected to attend.​

Year 3 children: If you are happy for your child to attend the evening performances but understand that you will not be able to stay and watch or perhaps you have an older child who is performing, then please inform myself or Miss Hall by Friday, so that we can plan numbers for the scenes.

Year 4, 5 and 6 children: If your child has a part in the play, the are expected to attend both evening performances on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th December at 7pm. If your child will not be present for both evening performances please inform Mrs Suggitt this week.


Year 3 are city people and will need:
a t-shirt with no writing or pictures on
a waistcoat
a pair of harem pants or trousers which can be turned up. (See attached photo)

Year 4; Boys as above. Girls will need harem pants and a cropped top or a belly dancing costume.

Mrs Suggitt kindly asks if anyone has the following items we could use:

large pieces of cardboard / cardboard boxes
old wooden stool

Any volunteers who would be able to embellish or help make costumes, please let Mrs Suggitt know.

Many thanks,
Mrs Estevez
Head of Juniors