On 29th September the Junior Department at Wingate School held a Coffee Morning (with lots and lots of cake!) proceeds to be shared between the Association Against Cancer and an 8 year old little girl from Adeje, neighbour of one of our 6th Formers who needs further cancer treatment only available in USA.

During the coffee morning the President of the Aecc Sr Fernandez and the Treasurer, Sra Carlotta Cobo Hernandez arrived from Santa Cruz to thank the children of the Infant Department for their outstanding collection of over 3,000 euros made during the last academic year. They achieved this incredible sum by learning how to spell hundreds of words in English and being sponsored by their parents. (Anyone who has tried to learn English as a second language knows how difficult this can be!!)

The president Sr Fernandez presented a very lovely plaque to Mrs Green - a volunteer for the Aecc, who accepted it on behalf of all the infant children.

Sr Fernandez spoke to the children in both Spanish and English and told them how wonderful this gift was and how it would go to help to try to find ways to beat this illness and also to try to help those who are not well now. He was highly amused by one little boy who came up to him after his talk and announced that he was going to be the president when he grew up. Look out Mr Trump!

Mr McCrae Headmaster and Miss Lynne Pearson, the initiator of this project were also present and were thanked for their collaboration.

Sra Carlotta pointed out that Wingate School have been donating to the Cancer Association for fifteen years now and their efforts are much appreciated.