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Traditional with a modern twist

British but diverse.

Leading the way by being the first school the use Chromebooks and google classroom students.

As the world changes, so do the methods we use to educate students. It´s no secret that technological developments have been coming at a rapid pace in the few decades, and because of that, educational technology is changing.

Benefits of technology in the classroom.

Incorporating technology into the classroom can benefit and support learning and teaching practices. But what makes it so beneficial to the learning experience?

One significant benefit of integrating technology in course design is that it helps to create a more engaging learning environment for students.

Wingate School Teaching

Prepare students for the future.

Teachers aim to prepare their students, and a great way to do that is with technology. Since it will play a large role in their lives moving forward, students need to be able to understand the basics. The use of computers and the internet will be an integral part of their future professional and personal lives.

Connect better with students.

To build community in their courses.
Technology provides teachers with an opportunity to connect with their students in a new way. It allows them to open lines of communication and use of the internet to explain curriculum material in a new way, which can be very helpful to students.

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