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Information for parents



On the 5th of September 2022, the school opened its doors to the class of 2022/2023

During the summer the whole school was rebranded. Starting with vibrant new colours, a new logo, and the modern website we have today.

A lot of work was put into bringing the school into the modern world which we live in today, whilst maintaining ” The Wingate Way ” of education.

” Wingate School aims to develop the whole student by instilling family values, knowledge, and skills to become an independent, self-reliant learner with the strength of character to make positive contributors to an ever-changing world “

A fresh new look!
A new stylish uniform was introduced, giving the school a new recognizable identity.
Our new look uniform with its current design, makes our students stand out from the rest.

We were able to share this grand event in the school’s timeline at our 40th-anniversary celebration. This fantastic opportunity allowed us to showcase these changes to past and present students, staff, and families as well as prospective new alumni.

Competing at a higher level of education

To widen our audience in the educational market of today’s society, we decided it was time for something new.

To stand out within our competitive environment, to become fresh and relevant.

This is just the beginning!

Striving to create a strong brand identity that is recognizable and consistent.

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