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Primary Sports Day 2023

An annual tradition at Wingate School

Our Wingate Primary Sports Day 2023 was enthusiastic, energetic and full of wonderful team spirit.

Our students paraded proudly onto the pitch chanting at the top of their lungs!

We are very proud of the sporting conduct of all our children; it was truly touching to see them cheering and supporting each other throughout!

A lot of work was put into the event by our Primary P.E Lead – Miss Munro

“Participating in school sports can improve students’ self-esteem and help them feel better about themselves.”

Having physical education in the school curriculum allows children from a young age to develop the social skills to work with other teammates, make new friends and learn how rewarding it is to participate in team sports, especially if they score that winning goal! Seeing how their contribution impacts the team’s success can be incredibly empowering for young people and make them feel part of the school community.

The self-confidence children gain from participating in sports and physical education carries over to other areas of their lives, such as academic studies and personal relationships.

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