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English Development Programme

Age 5 - 12

This fast track English Development Programme has been opened to give great students the opportunity to improve their spoken and written English skills and to create a path to help them integrate into Wingate’s mainstream classes as soon as possible. Top students who do not have the necessary level of English to join our mainstream classes are offered a place on our English Development Programme to upskill and are tested and assessed on a regular basis to enable them to take a place in the appropriate year class.

Our intense English Development Programme will offer a varied curriculum but with English at the heart of all sessions.  A National Curriculum timetable is in place to offer tuition in Music, PE , ICT, Humanities,Topics as well as Maths and English in written, spoken and reading forms including phonics and comprehension on a daily basis.
This is to ensure the student continues with their education to enable them to integrate easily back into school, whether this be at Wingate or elsewhere. Some sessions will be joint within the mainstream classes of the appropriate year group to encourage friendships and socialisation of groups, to ensure all students feel welcome and included.

The teachers will assess levels of English throughout the development programme to plan if and when progressions into mainstream classes are appropriate and necessary



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