Dear All,

Choir practices start again on Wednesday lunchtime, 5th February and new members (starting from Year 2) are welcome to join us, although the children need to realise that they must attend regularly and practise their words at home! (Youtube is a wonderful website, isn´t it?!) And remember to bring their words each Wednesday!!
We hope to book Siam Mall for our performance and I will hopefully have the confirmed date next week.
Our theme is going to be "Memories of the Musicals".
If any mums or dads would like to join us for a song or two please let me know. Also, if any dad can play a guitar for one of the songs?? Just ideas I´m thinking of at the moment!

The Nursery children say thank you very much for all the spiders that have been brought in this week!! They would like to look at a snail again next week!!

Have a good weekend!
Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department