Dear All,

A reminder that school will be closed on Monday 4th October and the following Tuesday 12th October.

A message from the office -

Please could parents/drivers give way to the bus when it is trying to access the school area at any point - especially at the small roundabout leading into the school.

Also, please note that we are unable to continue to offer the school bus service on a one-off basis as the school buses are now full. Priority has to be given to students that use the school bus service on a permanent regular basis.

Should you wish to enrol for the bus service on a permanent basis please contact the school office for details or consult the website via the following links:

School Bus Route:

School Bus Service:

School Bus Agreement:

Uniform - I know the uniform shop is still waiting for certain items to arrive but could I remind you of the correct footwear:

Boys - navy socks (even on PE days), Girls - plain white socks Shoes should be black or navy - NOT trainer style. PE shoes should be plain white trainers (no pink bits, flashing lights etc!)

Finally, if your child seems a little unwell in the morning, please inform the office and make arrangements to keep them at home for the day to reduce germs spreading.

Thank you and have a good weekend!

Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department