Dear All,

I just wanted to send an email to explain what will happen this week from Wednesday.
The infants will not be doing "online teaching" as the older children are doing.
On Tuesday your child's teacher will be sending a few worksheets home. In truth, during the last few days of term we would not be expecting the children to be doing much "work", but rather being involved in the more fun activities or art, craft, singing, playing games, and of course a Christmas party with a visit from Santa!

Your child's teacher will send a daily email - sometimes with videos and advice, maybe additional ideas they have found for the class or for individuals, links that the children may enjoy being involved in, and that might give you, as parents, a little peace and quiet! We realise that many of the younger children, in particular, need a lot of adult support. It is entirely your choice whether you use the materials suggested, but you may find them useful at some point over the festive season!
Rest assured, the children are not missing out academically, so it is important that they (and you) can have a relaxed time and a little fun after a long and hard-working term.
Staff will be in school until 18th December and available to answer any questions you may have. Please email them directly - NOT via the office.

Friday 18th December would have been a half day and a party day.