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В течение многих лет Вингейт остается передовой Английской школой по качеству образования на Тенерифе. Поэтому, у нас много довольных родителей и опекунов, или бывших учеников, которые остались очень довольны уровнем преподавания и наставничеством.

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Thank you for the email enquiring about how Zoë found the intake process at Wingate. I'm pleased to say that Zoë seems to have settled in well at Wingate and has made some friends. She is happy to come to school in the mornings and is now feeling more comfortable in lessons and with the level of teaching. The administration department has been very professional and efficient and responded quickly to any enquiries I have made. The enrollment process was easy to follow especially as we were applying from overseas.
Muchas gracias por su interés en Georgia. Solo comunicarles que está muy feliz en el colegio y su primer dia de llegada a casa le dijo a su padre que había sido el mejor dia de su vida. Una vez mas muchas gracias por la ayuda que hemos recibido con los niños por parte del equipo del colegio. Un saludo Thank you very much for your interest in Georgia. Just to let you know that she is very happy at school and after arriving home from her first day of school she told her father that it had been the best day of her life. Once again, thank you very much for the help we have received with the children from the school office. Reagards
We found the enrolment process extremely easy. You were all very welcoming and made us all feel really comfortable. The only issue we had was having to wait until May to find out if she could join.
We would like to thank you for all the support recieved in this last months from all Wingate school staff to make sure our children have settled correctly. They are happy to go to school and confident in their future. We are sure that a great part of this success is due to all Wingate staff, their teachers and everybody at the office have offered all of us their resources and love. We would like to thank you for this effort.
Our family really likes Wingate school! Before coming I was worried about language barrier and the beginning was not very easy. But now our daughters in the Infants and Juniors feel quite well. The teacher helps a lot and is very understanding. For the first two weeks she was crying and didn’t want to go to school mostly because of the language barrier but now she says she likes lessons better than breaks. Our younger daughter likes the school. As for myself I like the system of the school. If I have questions I can always get the answers from the teachers or in the office. The enrolment process was very simple to submit via the online website. All the staff members have been very friendly and helpful. Our older daughter has settled in really well she says it's the best school she's been too (it is her 5th school that she's been to due to us moving house a few times) her teacher is straight forward and firm which is the approach she needs as it works best for her development. Everything seems very professional and as you would expect from a school in England. All the procedures are in line with how I would expect a school to be eg, uniform policies, regular newsletters, email updates, being able to collect your child from their classroom rather than just all thrown out the same gate, even the headlice checking you do reminds me of my school days, the homework they get set is adequate for their age and she enjoys doing it rather than it being too much and her being tired and not wanting to do it. The only one downfall of the school is no dinner hall (I know this is something in progress) it's just hard to provide food that would not pose a health risk by being in such hot weather conditions without going "off" our daughters are not fans of sandwiches but thats all I can give her at the moment. Hopefully the dinner hall will be ready while she still has some years left there. But other than that a really good school honestly couldn't fault it so far.
Everything has been all right, to the height of your reputation. My daughter has enjoyed her time at Wingate from the first day. Miss Mason, Mrs Swinney and Miss Vaswani are very sweet and kind, putting my daughter to her ease. She is always very happy to go to school and to spend time with them; to see her peaceful is for us the most important thing.. without overlooking the fact that her English level is considerably increasing already. We are sure the scholastic future of our daughter in your school will be long and instructive.
I am completely satisfied with my daughters start at Wingate , they are loving the school and I could not have asked for a better welcome then what they have had. They are enjoying every day and the teachers in the nursery are doing a fabulous job. They are two very happy girls and I am more then happy with the school.
I can honestly say, I think it was the easiest process for joining a school that I have ever experienced. The online information was impeccable and led me through each process that I needed to do, which was very much appreciated, especially with being new in a foreign country. With regards to our children settling into Wingate, I must say that I do not think I have ever seen my daughter so happy (don't let her know I told you that ). She gets up for school no problem at all and never moans, she goes in smiling and comes out smiling, so I can't ask for any more, we have a new daughter! Our son too has made lots of new friends and actually went out for the first time on his own with his friends to the cinema last weekend and is off there again this weekend, although he is a very easy going child and soon makes friends, he was very sad to leave England as he had so many friends, but thanks to Fortnite! he still speaks to them every day and chats about what is going on both here and in England, so I am glad he has managed to do the same at Wingate. So keep up the good work, thank you.
We found the Enrollment process easy to follow and we appreciate the help we received with this. With regards to information when our daughter started school, we're happy too. Our daughter appreciated the Introduction morning and has since then been welcomed and guided by the other students in her year, mostly. She's settled well with friends and as far as we know she's doing ok academically as well.
thank you so much for everything. The children found themselves very well from the first day of school. The teachers and all the staff of the school helped the children in their integration into the School environment taking care of them and made them feel safe. Before starting school they were very worried about the new environment, the method of study (different from the Italian one), both for the language and for the new friends .... after the first day of school all the fears are gone and this thanks to all of you.
Can we both say that we have been over the moon with the support and information given to both the boys and ourselves during these first few weeks. We couldn’t have wished for any more that has been given. As you are aware, both the boys experienced some anxieties during their first 1/2weeks. However, the support they received from their teachers and other staff at school was amazing, not only for them but us too! Everybody at the school totally reassured us as parents and we felt that we could trust you to look after our children. We knew it was a big change for the children, however, it is still very upsetting to see your children upset, but you made it so much easier with your genuinely caring approach. Thank you so much, we are extremely grateful, (the boys march into school now!!) The enrolment process was also very efficient, clear, precise and user friendly, so on the whole a perfect experience.
I would like to thank the owners, teachers, managers and staff of the school for the effort done these years taking care of our children's education. Please do send my gratitude to all the staff involved. It has been a pleasure being part of the Wingate School family all these years.
Thank you for all the time and energy you shared with our daughter over the years. Wingate provided an indispensable part of our daughters upbringing. We have nothing but good things to say about Wingate. Our daughter has improved massively, both academically and as a person, since September. Please can you pass on our thanks to all the staff for all their efforts.
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