Dear All,
Book club - don´t forget that Monday 25th is the last day for orders!

- seems to deliver reliably
- an example of a girl´s shoes - also have white trainers.
- White trainers are also available in Decathlon. And there is a shop in El Galeon - Charanga.
One mum has a friend who has a shop in Centro Comercial el Duque . It stocks school shoes and the good news is that all parents from Wingate can have a 25% discount!! The shop is called “ la princesa y el guisante “
- There´s a shop in Valle san Lorenzo ERILAU which has school shoes (tel: 922722262)
- Siam Mall - RKS and Base
Thank you to everyone who has shared their recommendations. NO EXCUSES for incorrect footwear after the holidays!

Harvest festival - Although the classes were unable to meet for a traditional Harvest Festival, I have to thank you all for your generosity in all the items you have sent to school this week. As always, our Wingate family is truly amazing! Photos to follow next week.
Each class has been practising a Harvest song for you so please enjoy watching the following little videos with your child. (Please remember that they are not to be shared on social media etc - They are just for your memories.) I have also attached Nursery and Reception classes´ little displays for you to see! We hope you like them.

Friday 29th October is a shorter day and the children will start to leave at:
12.15pm - Nursery
12.20pm - Reception
12.25pm - Y1
12.30pm - Y2
Since it will be almost Halloween, Mrs Estevez has suggested the Junior and Infant children all dress up for the morning on Friday 29th. Not everyone celebrates Halloween, or has a Halloween costume so maybe Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 could just have a "dressing up" morning - and be "Witches, Wizards or Whatever!!!" (Princesses, footballers, etc are also allowed!!)
Please note that the Nursery children will not be dressing up that day since they will be doing PE (which they love) and other lovely activities which are impossible to do with costumes! They will have their own dressing up day at a later date!

Have a good weekend!
Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department