Dear All,
Dough disco was great! I hope Nursery managed to join in at home!
Here´s Reception class in action!! We look very serious but it's because we´re concentrating!!

Monday 14th June - Year 1 sports day!!
I will then put the pictures together to send to you. Please be reminded that any photos or videos I send are just to add to your memories of your child and under no circumstances for social media, etc.

Next week your child will bring home their school report on Wednesday. On Friday 18th June the children will finish school early :-
12.15pm - Nursery
12.20pm - Reception
12.25pm - Y1
12.30pm - Y2
If teachers need to speak to parents you will be contacted for a Meet video call by Monday. If you wish to make an appointment to speak to your child's teacher then please contact them directly - NOT through the office. Having read your child's report you may not find a conversation necessary, which is fine.

Just two week´s to go! Please keep safe and keep to yourselves as much as possible so we can all enjoy the last few days together in school before the holidays.
Have a good (quiet!) weekend!

Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department