Dear All,

Friday 19th February: 5S and 3S will need to wear their PE kits for the Activities session.

In a few weeks time we will be celebrating Book Week at school with a variety of activities. Leading up to Book Week there are many online activities that the children can enjoy at home.
There is the opportunity for children to listen to free audio books - World of Stories Audiobooks. This free service will be available as of 18th February. Just follow the link below;

Another activity - 100 Stories to Share - Recommendations to get kids reading, is available on the following link;

I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy some of these reading activities with your children over the next weeks.

Reminder: Please ensure your child is wearing a new and clean mask everyday for school. Some masks look very dirty, as if they have been worn for many days.

Have a great few days off school and see you all on Thursday 18th February when we reopen.

Kind regards,
Mrs L Estevez

Head of Junior School