Kindness and consideration for others, along with academic excellence have always been at the heart of Wingate School's ethos so it is with pleasure that we, as a school, will be joining the thousands of schools around the world in celebrating World Kindness Day on Friday 13th November.

On Friday (from Nursery to Year 10) the school day will be focused on the importance of kindness and empathy for others. Our subject teachers have collectively come up with some fantastic activities for the students to undertake.

In the run-up to this, all students will be encouraged to perform random acts of kindness for others, as well as being kind to themselves. Form tutors will encourage their students to record these acts of kindness to add to a whole school display which we will share with you on our social media platforms.

We ask that you discuss the importance of caring about others and encourage your child to be kind at home too.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards.
Colette Tolfrey
Head of Senior School