Dear All,

Choir started for Year 2 and above this week but there was a notable drop in numbers from last term - Some children saying they wanted to play with friends rather than come to choir practice. We have a lot of good singers in Year 2 so please have a chat with your child if you think it is something they would like and you would like them to do. The date for the show at Siam Mall has been set for Saturday 6th June at 6pm.
Mr Howells is also looking for new members for his school band and pop choir on a Tuesday.
Several parents have expressed a concern about a new "craze" where children kick a child causing them to lose their balance and fall. Please do not worry - Mrs Estevez and I have not witnessed any such "game" in our school and such dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated.
As we approach our Carnival week´s holiday, we are now halfway through the school year! Teachers may make appointments to see parents regarding certain children´s progress in the next couple of weeks. Similarly, if any parents have any concerns or questions, please let me, or your child´s teacher know NEXT WEEK so an appointment can be made. I imagine many parents will not find this necessary as a lot of parents speak regularly to staff at the start and end of the school day but some may find this useful.

Have a good weekend!
Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department