Year 1 went to visit the Newrest Catering company to see where our school dinners were made. We had to dress up in hats and coats to cover our school uniform. We saw where Newrest put together the trollies for flights. We saw lots of lots of food and got to carry a 5kg bag of pasta!! We watched a man wash and chop the vegetables that go into the soups that we eat.
We went into a big room where people were making sandwiches for flight trollies. The best bit was seeing the freezer! we couldn´t go in because it was very very cold! There was a man dressed in a big coat, scarf, boots and hat, all we could see was his eyes!
At the end of the visit we got to meet Madeline, Newrests mascot. We had our photo taken and we were given a picnic of sandwiches, banana and a bottle of water which we enjoyed at the park!