Dear All,

A request from Mrs Thompson - Invoicing: Please could all parents check that they have as an accepted contact on your contact list to ensure easy communication. Some parents have reported that correspondence from this email address has gone straight to their Spam box.

PE - A reminder that earrings must be removed for PE lessons. A big thank you to all who keep remembering!!
As of 3rd December, there will be an Infant post box in the archway for any children who wish to send Christmas cards. If so, please put the class "N", "R", "Y1" or "Y2" on the envelope to help the post monitors!!
Each class will have a chocolate advent calendar in December and at some point each child will have a turn at opening a door of the calendar. Please let your child´s teacher know if you do not want your child to have this small treat.

Nativity dates - Tuesday 11th December - dress rehearsal for Juniors
Wednesday 12th December - 2pm for parents
Thursday 13th December - 9.15am for parents
(A letter to follow later regarding tickets)

Most of the costumes have been sorted but we need the children to bring some clothing from home. Please let staff know if there´s a problem. All costumes to be in school by Friday 30th November (on hangers where appropriate)so we can check we have everything we need.

Donkey - black leggings
All angels need white tights (and white underwear!!)
Camels -need brown leggings or tights
sheep - white t-shirt (poss PE t-shirt), white tights
We need 2 brown t-shirts for camels if anyone has one we could borrow??
Year 2 "children" need pyjamas and slippers.
"Dad" needs trousers and shirt
Narrators - smart clothes

Nursery class - I´ll send an email especially for your class!

Changes to calendar: We have just been informed that Monday 7th January is now an official Fiesta Day across Spain and the Canaries. The school will reopen on Tuesday 8th January. We will extend the school year by 1 day in June so the school will now close for the summer at 12.30pm on Friday 28th June.

Have a good weekend!

Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department