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Green Park

A new recreational area for our students

Giving the students the option to participate with their peers in games of table tennia, giant chess, volleyball, badminton or a game of golf on our putting green.

The world is constantly changing, families rushing trying to fit in all the scheduled activites, the green park gives our students the freedom to enjoy themself and be children.

Children who play outdoors are more likely to develop physical literacy skills, maintain a healthy weight and good mental health.

If students are to become lifelong learners, it is important that they do not see the classroom as the only place in which learning takes place.
Just taking the time to notice what is around them and seeing everyday objects, such as trees and pathways, as stimuli for learning broadens the students’ horizons and boosts their imagination.

Wingate School Teaching

Increased Motivation:

Children of any age naturally have the need to move around. Sufficient amount of physical activities outdoors freshens the mind and body. Thereafter, children are happy, motivated and relaxed to do activities indoors. They can focus better on thetask at hand as play stimulates the neutral connections in the brain and helps in regulating emotions, making plans and solving problems.

Enhanced communication and socio-emotional skills:
Outdoor education calls for collaboration and team building tasks. Children learn to communicate with each other, problem solve and build healthy relationships. It gives students the space to explore, discover and think freely, thus reduce barriers to communication.

Improved memory and imagination:

Spending time in fixed enviroment or lighting throughout the day can create a fixed pattern, however, moving outdoors for some time opens up a world of fresh stimuli, resulting in making better connections to learning and improve the power of recall and retention.

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