Dear All,

Welcome to the weekly newsletter, providing information for the coming week.

Firstly, thank you for your continued support in our new system for arrival and departures at school. Can I remind all parents and adults to be mindful of Social Distancing when standing outside the school waiting for the children. Now that the children have become confident using the new system, can I remind parents to drop their child off into the coned entrance zone and vacate the car park. This will help to ease the congestion. Additionally, parents can not stand in front of the zebra crossing at the end of the day. This obstructs the child's route to the exit zone. Please do not call out to your child, as the children need to leave their class in a controlled manner for their own safety.

PE is every Thursday. the children need to wear their PE kits to school on that day. Places note EARRINGS are not to be worn during PE or Sports lessons. This is any jewelry, even religious or pieces of personal significance and included newly pierced earrings. By their design, earrings are easily removed and best removed Thursday morning before your child comes to school. your child will also need to bring a drawstring PE bag to take to the pitch and a container for their mask.

Year 6J and 4B will also need to wear their PE kits for Activities every Friday until further notice.

Can I remind all parents to collect up any remaining trophies and return to school.

The Junior children have no formal homework. However, we are still expecting them to read every evening for 10 -15 minutes. Reading Records will go home on Mondays and MUST return to school on Fridays.

Year 3S: The weekly spelling test will be on Thursdays.
Year 3E; The weekly spelling test will be on Fridays.
Year 6M; The weekly spelling test will be on Fridays.

Some information from 4B;
- Spelling and Times Tables tests every Friday.
- On Friday, the children will also be told which times tables and new spellings to practise for the following week's test. A small Spellings list will be sent home which can be stuck into their Home School Records AT HOME on Monday when they get them back.
- The children will need to bring their items in for their happiness Boxes throughout next week.

Dates for Diary:
Monday 5th October - Fiesta. School closed.
Monday 12th October - Fiesta. School closed.

Have a good week,
Mrs L Estevez

Head of Juniors