Dear All,

A reminder that the photographer will be in school tomorrow and Friday. Smart uniform please! If any parents wish to join their children in a family photo on 25th October, please report to the school office between 9-9.30am on Friday.

School finishes 12.30pm on Friday. No lunch is needed. Please collect your child promptly. No catering on Friday, so please send a snack for your child.

Fun Club - We have had several parents showing an interest and staff are really enthusiastic about the activities they want to do. However we really need confirmed numbers by this Friday, for those wanting to join straight after the holidays. The first Fun Club will be Monday 4th November. If you would like your child to be involved, please contact the office.

Clothing - Please check all your child´s uniform. Renee has lost her PE t shirt and shorts (both were named!), Ralphie has lost 2 pairs of school shorts (again named). Ubay has lost his navy scarf (named). Please let´s try and return everything to the right owners before the holidays!

Finally, the office staff have received a number of lovely comments about our school, your children´s education, our enrichment programme and the catering service. If anyone else would like to make a comment on the school´s facebook page or website, you are welcome to do so.

Have a great holiday!
Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department