Wingate Senior News Friday 15 February 2019

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Behaviour: In recent weeks we have clamped down on behaviour in school. This includes uniform, jewellery and hair. Behaviour at the pitch was sometimes not as we expect so we instigated when certain classes could go and others stay in school. We strongly believe that self respect, respect of each other and respect of property are at the core of Wingate values and we will maintain these standards. I ask you to support our efforts and reinforce our expectations.

Recycling: We now have 3 general recycling bins at the north of the school with a paper bin next to them. We are particularly keen for students to recycle as much plastic as possible so if you wish to send in your plastic for recycling with your children, please do so.

Netop, Chromebook Classroom Management Software: After some initial teething issues, we have now rolled it out across the senior school and all students have been briefed on it’s uses. It is an aid to teaching as well as a simple monitoring system in the classroom.

Phones and Chromebooks: It seems that some students do not know when to turn off their electronic devices? Recent advice from the UK suggests parents should take their child’s phone or laptop away 1 hour before bedtime and return them in the morning. Sounds like excellent advice to me – but please remember to charge their chromebooks!

Summer External Exams: The Draft Timetable is now available on the school website in both the Secondary and Sixth Form areas. It is also on display in the Year 11 tutor classrooms and the Sixth Form.

Students using the Bus Service on a One-off basis: Parents should sign the Terms and Conditions of the Bus Service if they wish their child/ren to use the bus on a one-off basis. Please contact the school office for further information.

Leaving Wingate: Obviously we don’t want any of you to leave us but if you are planning not to return in September then we would be obliged if you could inform us as soon as possible as we have many children on waiting lists. The last day is 7th May to ensure full return of your school deposit.

School Policies and Terms and Conditions: Please be advised that the following policies have been updated: English as an Additional Language, The Admissions Policy and the Terms and Conditions; Rights of Parents and Guardians, Duties of Pupils, Sanctions – Very Serious Offences, School Fees and Charges, Information regarding Homologación

Upcoming events: Please check the school website and the calendar:

Half Term: Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th March we are closed and reopen on Thursday 7th

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Colin Macrae
Head of Wingate School