Staff List
Get to know the staff of Wingate School better with a quick introduction to our amazing team.
Miss Marta Astorgano Arias
Spanish Teacher
I come from the North-West of mainland Spain, but I have been living in Tenerife for some years now. Starting September 2017, I have been a Spanish teacher at Wingate School and also the KS3 Social Science teacher a year after that.

I have worked in the field of non-formal education both in the mainland and in the Canary Islands for 3 years, training and leading youth and young adults. In addition, I have participated in a couple of archaeological projects in the area of Las Médulas.

In the classroom, respect is paramount; it is the basis of personal and academic success. Perseverance and good organisation are key to meaningful learning and I try to show my students that every day.
Mrs Gloria Barrio
Head of Spanish Studies & Humanities
Since I was seven or eight years old I always wanted to be a teacher as I enjoyed learning and especially teaching. My interest for literature started in High School; however, it was at university when I felt a great inclination for the Spanish language, its history, evolution from Latin, grammar and in general all that has to do with it. Thus I ended up having my degree in Hispanic Philology and Spanish Language at the University of León, Spain.

I have developed throughout my professional life at Wingate where I arrived as a teacher in September 1990. Over the years I have been fortunate to teach students of all ages, from Reception to year 13, and I have seen hundreds of them growing up physically and intellectually. One of the best parts of my job is when ex pupils come back to visit the school and pop in my classroom to give me a hug.

I love teaching and I love my subject. I try to get all my students to understand the importance of knowing the language in order to be able to think and analyse independently. The cornerstones of my teaching philosophy are respect, responsibility, cooperation, self esteem and personal autonomy.
Miss Jordana Burridge
Primary Teacher
After attaining nine (I)GCSE’s at Wingate in 2010, I completed four A-Levels whilst studying Performing Arts at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts in the UK and subsequently earned a first-class BMUS (Hons) degree in Music from Cardiff University. I went on to work in France, the UK and have travelled around the world twice whilst performing on cruise ships. This led me to discover my love of teaching, allowing me to develop skills and gain experience when training members of the Entertainment team and teaching music and dance to guests. After eight years away, I returned home to Tenerife and completed my teaching qualification whilst working in the Infant and Junior Departments at Wingate School.

I believe that education in any form has value and that it doesn’t matter where you start on this continuous learning journey as long as you are willing to have a go and try your best. I enjoy the challenge of adapting my teaching style to the individual student and I am always open to new ideas for keeping learning as interesting and engaging an experience as possible.

I look forward to getting to know my class in September and seeing where the new school year takes us!
Miss Chloe Chelsea
English Teacher
I was born and raised in Manchester. After completing a BA Honours degree and post graduate studies at Manchester Metropolitan University, I began my teaching career at a secondary school in the city.

After teaching in Manchester for three years, I decided to broaden my horizons and relocated to Spain, where I worked at a British school. In 2012, I moved to Singapore as part of the Ministry of Education's Foreign Teacher Programme. After my time in the Far East, I returned to the northwest of England and began teaching at an Academy in Bolton. Following this, I moved to the Canary Islands to be closer to my family. After two years as the Coordinator of English at Oakley College in Gran Canaria, I took up my position as English teacher at Wingate in 2018.

I am passionate about the power of English and I am extremely proud to work with dynamic young people every day. As a teacher, I encourage students to explore different cultures through the study of literature. I am committed to supporting them as they understand and challenge ideas about the world we live in. My motivation comes from seeing young people emerge as confident communicators with assured knowledge and perceptive understanding of the English language.
Miss Michaela Crane
Head of Science, Biology Teacher
I've dedicated many years to Wingate School and I am proud of the high standards and excellent pass rates achieved by my entire department under my guardianship.

I look forward to helping future students achieve an outstanding education in science that will stand them in good stead for further education and life in general.
Miss Imogen Duncan
Chemistry and Science Teacher
I feel very privileged to work within a science department that expects and maintains high standards across all three science subjects.

Students are encouraged to develop their own scientific curiosity and work hard to achieve the highest grades possible within a supportive and safe environment.
Mrs Alison Finnie
Head of English, Wellness & Wellbeing for Sixth Form Students
Qualification: BA(QTS) HONS
Experience: 32 years of teaching experience in primary, secondary and special schools, in the UK, Kenya and Tenerife.
13 years at Wingate, including 9 years as 6th form tutor and 6 years as Head of English.
Previous roles before Wingate include: Head of Key Stage, SENCO, Head of English, Leading English Department Adviser, and Manager of Teaching and Learning.

Philosophy of Education:
To enable young people to achieve their full potential academically through providing engaging learning opportunities in a stimulating learning environment.

To support their social and emotional development through offering guidance and practical support in an atmosphere of mutual respect, compassion, tolerance and trust.
Mr Robert Finnie
Head of Maths & Physics Teacher
Education is a doorway which leads to multiple roads. You can access the universe if you know which path to follow. It can lead to a career, a hobby, a way of life. It will allow you to discern between the mythical and the real. What could be better?
Mr Simon Gill
PE & Business Studies
This is my 10th Year at Wingate teaching A level Business Studies and GCSE PE and now also GCSE Business too.

I'm a firm believer in the principle of specificity - trying to prepare the students for the end of course exams as well as possible through classroom exercises and continual assessments throughout the course that use the same formats and timings the students will face in their final exams.
Miss Shelby Healey
Art Teacher
This is my tenth year at Wingate teaching Art to years 7-13.

I think it is important to keep an open mind and a positive attitude. I strive to inspire my students and encourage them to express themselves, to be experimental in their work and to always aim high.
Mrs Jane Hopewell
Head of KS3, Maths & Science Teacher
I look after pupils from years 7 -9. I deal with a wide range of concerns from behavioural to community work to talent competitions! I am a point of contact between parents, form tutors, class teachers and pupils.

At The University of Leicester I studied Chemistry, then moved to the University of Florida to gain a Masters in Chemistry. After finishing university I spent a year travelling and working in Africa - it was this wonderful experience that led me to train to become a teacher. Upon my return to the UK I joined ´Teach First´ - a charity and teacher training company that selects top graduates and puts them into ´challenging schools´ to address the problem of inequality in education. I worked with Teach First for 4 years at a school in Liverpool - during this time I also worked on and gained a Masters degree in Education with the University of Manchester. After 4 years in Liverpool I moved to a British International School in Kenya - where I was appointed as the Head of Science and Director of Teaching and Learning. After 5 years in Kenya I moved to Tenerife to become part of the Wingate School family.

I believe education is about making well-rounded pupils - as well as the essential subject knowledge pupils gain I think it is important for them to learn about - respect, the world around them, time management, team work, leadership skills, problem solving and creativity.

My main goal is to try to unlock the potential of ALL students who walk through my door.
Mr Martyn Howells
Music Teacher
I have taught performing arts, music and media for 25 years in a college before becoming the Head of Rotherham Music and teaching 500 children a week across 120 schools from choirs to brass bands to orchestras.

I love music and performing arts and my teaching style is to empower children to be the best they can and enjoy learning through practical experiences.
Mr Robert Hudson
History Teacher
I was a teacher of Humanities in England for over twenty years, my specialist subject being History. For the vast majority of those years I was an assistant head teacher of a large secondary school in Cheshire.

Having retired five years ago I was keen to put something back into the community I now live in, hence my affiliation with Wingate School. Earlier this year I was happy to cover a maternity leave as a Geography teacher which I thoroughly enjoyed.

At the heart of my teaching values are the respect of all children as unique individuals and the development of tolerance, respect and fairness as key factors in preparing young people for the ever changing complex world we live in.
Mrs Zoe Jobling
English Teacher
I graduated from Bolton University in Manchester, England in 1997 having obtained a Bsc (Hons) Degree in Psychology and Business Studies. I pursued a career in teaching after obtaining the relevant certificates.

I have taught English to children as young as 3 years old up to 18 years old. I have also taught adults wishing to improve their business English.

I previously worked as a Police Officer in England for 13 years where I spent some of these years within the tutor unit, teaching student officers various aspects of the law and the practical
side to policing.

My philosophy to teaching is to encourage every child to achieve their academic goals through learning in a stimulating and enjoyable educational environment.

I believe we never stop learning and I want my students to know that we can learn from each other.
Mr Colin Macrae
Head of Wingate School
Born in December 1960 in Carlisle, Cumbria, I left home at 17 to join the Royal Navy. After 17 years, the last 9 as a nuclear submariner, I was forced to leave with a spinal injury.

After accelerated teacher training at Exeter University, my first 5 years were in 2 inner city schools in Portsmouth UK.

After these I moved abroad to take up senior posts in Lanzarote, USA, a brief return to UK, then Italy and now Wingate School with the privilege of being the Head of our lovely school.
Miss Joanne Matthews
Computer Science & Business Studies
"I believe in students and it is my belief as teachers that we have a responsibility to facilitate the best lessons, create the best opportunities, and best outcomes and to celebrate and value each student as an individual"

I have been teaching ICT/Computer Science & Business Studies for 20 years. I have taught in the UK and a variety of countries worldwide. I completed my teaching practice in Lancashire and went to the University of Central Lancashire and the University of Bolton where I gained my formal qualifications.

I never considered being a teacher but I cannot imagine doing anything else now, I love it!
Ms Sarah Munro
Primary Teacher
I have been teaching since 2001, mainly in schools in Scotland. In 2001, I achieved a Postgraduate degree in Primary Education with distinction at Strathclyde University. I have worked with all year groups in several schools in Scotland for 16 years as a class teacher and then manager of the school consisting of 400 pupils. Throughout my teaching, I have driven many new initiatives, supporting pupils, parents and the wider community and these are still being maintained in schools today. Prior to teaching, I worked in business and achieved a first class honours degree in Marketing and Communications at Glasgow Caledonian University.

The quality of the education service depends pre-eminently on the quality of teachers. I have always believed to extend and revitalise my skills throughout my career and as a result I did a Master of Science course during my teaching to achieve Chartered Teacher status and also the Standard for Headship qualification.

In 2017, I moved to Tenerife and worked in the British Schools of Tenerife as class teacher and also Maths Coordinator. I was responsible to lead, develop and support all staff, pupils and parents across the whole school. Living in the South and travelling each day was becoming challenging and in 2018, I was very fortunate to be employed at Wingate Primary School.

My teaching ethos is to encourage every child to develop their personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential and to equip them with skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in our ever-changing world. My classroom learning environment promotes fun, growth and a sense of family. I have high expectations of all of the children I teach. At the heart of this is empowerment and consultation and I believe “what you think matters!” and working regularly with pupils and parents is paramount to determine our next steps for improvement. I value pupil voice and my class motto ⨪ BELIEVE and ACHIEVE! Thus, encouraging children in my class to have confidence in their own ability, believe in themselves and celebrate success whenever possible.
Miss Celine Niedziela
Spanish Teacher
To become a teacher is to make a difference in the students' lives. It is not only teaching a language but also life lessons that they will remember and will help them with their life decisions. For me, it is very important to watch them grow and succeed and to know I might be a part of it.

Furthermore, I teach languages and they have a great significance in such a multicultural world. I am glad to be a part of this apprenticeship.
Mrs Pacheco
Spanish & RE Teacher
Nacida en Tenerife y después de terminar mis estudios de Ciencias de la Educación en la Universidad de La Laguna, trabajé algunos años en puestos de administración y banca, combinándolo con algunas clases particulares. Fue entonces cuando descubrí que mi vocación iba en esa dirección.

Solicité mi puesto de profesora de español en Wingate hace ya más de 25 años y debo decir sin ningún tipo de duda que estoy totalmente satisfecha de mi tiempo en el colegio impartiendo no sólo mi lengua nativa desde los Infants hasta el nivel de Sixth Form, sino también alguna que otra asignatura más como RE.

Es aquí donde también intento compartir los valores que personalmente defiendo y muchos tomados de las diferentes formas que las religiones del mundo revelan.
Creo firmemente en los principios fundamentales de no discriminación, de solidaridad, de igualdad de oportunidades y de trato, y de acceso universal a la educación. La educación no se aprende solo en la escuela, éste es sólo uno de los medios, ya que en la casa, con la familia, en las calles, con los amigos se aprehenden todo tipo de conocimientos.
Miss Lynne Pearson
Head of EYFS & EYFS Teacher
I taught for 10 years in the UK – from Reception to Year 6 but I do love teaching the younger children and have been Reception teacher at Wingate since September 2000.

I currently teach Reception class (4-5year olds), and am Head of Early Years and Infants (children aged 3-7yrs). I take each Infant class for music and lead the school choir (from Y2 to Senior children)

My philosophy – solid foundations for education and for life. I place great importance on discipline and believe that it is vital for a structured classroom and a basis for learning. If we get this right in the early stages, then the children have a strength that can steer them through life – and we can have a lot of fun along the way!
Miss Virginia Rodriguez
Laboratory Technician
I finished my career as a Petrochemical Engineer in 2012 and lived in Tenerife for almost 3 years now. I am currently working as a laboratory technician in the area of science and I am in charge of organising the laboratories of physics, chemistry and biology, where I’m also in charge of safety and discipline.

I don’t feel like I “work for Wingate”, rather that they’re lending me their facilities to enjoy a passion for science and allowing me to transmit that to the students.
Mrs Claire Suggitt
Primary Teacher
I qualified to be a teacher in 1995, after four years of training from Liverpool John Moores University. Since then, I have worked in London, Madrid, returned to London and finally arrived on the island of Tenerife in 2002.

I have worked at Wingate School for the last 17 years, teaching a variety of year groups. Currently I teach Year 5 where I strive to give the children confidence in all areas of the curriculum and make sure they achieve their best.

As Head of Drama, I also aim to give children an opportunity to learn how a production is created and develop their confidence in acting, speaking and singing skills.
Miss Mallaury Thiry
Teaching Assistant
French but Canarian by adoption, I have been living in Tenerife for almost 3 years.

I come from the world of hospitality, I studied in Switzerland for 4 years and I had the opportunity to work here when I finished my degree. I was working in different hotels companies to realize that I needed to refocus myself in the education of the little ones.

Teaching had always attracted me from a very young age and I wanted to fulfill that dream. Children are overjoyed to learn and I am delighted to be able to participate in the early years of their learning.

Wingate School has given me an incredible opportunity to gain experience and continue to train as a teacher. In parallel, I am studying a Master's Degree in Primary Education at the University of Las Palmas.
Mrs Colette Tolfrey
Head of Seniors and English Teacher
As Head of KS4 I am responsible for the academic, emotional and behavioural welfare of students as they begin preparation for their IGCSE exams.

I have been at Wingate for 15 years where I have held the role of Form Tutor, English teacher, head of Prefects and, since 2017, the position of Head of KS4. I hope to instil in all students the importance of kindness, fairness and a positive attitude towards their studies - rewarding effort as much as attainment. All students are individuals and must be rewarded for giving their best.

Outside of the classroom, it is my aim to promote the importance of community - making students civic minded; caring about the world they live in and others who may not be as fortunate as themselves. With this in mind, I have helped implement the KS4 Community Project. By involving students in community projects outside of the classroom, we are building caring adults of the future who wish to take an active role in society.

My goal is to unlock the potential of ALL students who enter the gates at Wingate School.
Miss Alicia Arias  —  Spanish Teacher Substitute
Carmen Blanco  —  Laboratory Assistant
Jennifer Bowtell  —  EYFS Teaching Assistant
Miss Tracy Brown  —  Primary Teacher
Mrs Mandie Butler  —  Physics & Maths Teacher
Mrs Nieves Coello  —  School Support
Miss Sole Coello  —  School Support
Ms Jill Colegrove  —  Maths Teacher
Mrs Jacqueline Dadswell  —  Primary Teaching Assistant & First Aider
Ms Elinor Donnelly  —  Primary Teaching Assistant
Mrs Louise Estevez  —  Head of Primary & Primary Teacher
Miss Samantha Everett  —  Administration
Mrs Carmen Fortes  —  Domestic Support Assistant
Mrs Maria Fortes  —  Domestic Support Assistant
Mr Pablo Garcia  —  School Caretaker
Miss Beatriz Gonzalez  —  Spanish & Social Science Teacher
Miss Rebecca Gould  —  Teaching Assistant EYFS and Primary
Miss Bethany Illingworth  —  Teaching Assistant Primary and EYFS Department
Mr Perrie Johnson  —  Primary Teacher
Mrs Nicole Mahon  —  Geography Teacher
Mrs Sarah Mark  —  Primary Teaching Assistant
Mr Keith Marsh  —  Primary Teacher
Miss Patricia Martinez  —  History Teacher
Miss Ruth Mason  —  EYFS Teacher
Miss Eva Ramirez  —  Administration
Mrs Jade Richards  —  Administration
Miss Jolanda Rietti  —  Primary Teachers Assistant
Mrs Katy Roscoe  —  EYFS Teaching Assistant
Mrs Neha Samnani  —  Teaching Assistant EYFS and Primary
Miss Aimee Stobbs  —  Primary Teacher
Miss Rebecca Styles  —  Primary Teacher
Mrs Julia Thompson  —  Bursar
Mrs Karen Tierney  —  EYFS Teaching Assistant
Mrs Maria Victoria Borges Martin  —  Domestic Support Assistant
Mrs Elaine Yates  —  Maths, PE & Sports Leadership Teacher