Senior School Uniform
(Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11)



Navy blue A line skirt (school design only). Skirts must be no shorter than 10cm above the knee.
White socks (to cover the ankle) or navy blue tights.
Plain black leather shoes (no open toes, high heels, patent leather or fashion shoes).
White polo shirts; must be worn tucked in.
Navy blue school sweatshirt.

During the winter months (November until the end of February) girls may wear school tracksuit bottoms instead of a skirt. Shorts must be worn for PE.

Long black trousers (NO JEANS).
Navy or black socks.
Plain black leather shoes, NOT training shoes.
White polo shirts; must be worn tucked in.
Navy blue school sweatshirt.

Boys in Years 7 and 8 may wear school navy blue dress shorts instead of long black trousers.

In exceptionally cold or wet weather a topcoat extra to school sweatshirt, not instead of, may also be
worn to and from school but this must be removed during lessons.

PE / Sports Kit for Boys and Girls

Navy blue school shorts
Boys wear navy, black or white socks and girls wear white socks
(note: for football or hockey long socks can be worn to hold shin pads in place)
White school T-shirt or white polo shirt
All white or all black trainers.
Boots are not permitted.
Expensive designer footwear is not necessary or desirable for school.
Boys and Girls may only wear track suit bottoms on PE days over their PE shorts and if needed tracksuit tops. They may not wear them instead of black trousers or instead of school shorts on other days.

On days when the students have PE or Sports they may come to school in their PE kit.

The School tracksuit is optional. During the cold weather Autumn Half Term until end of February; students may wear tracksuit bottoms over their shorts on PE or Sports days. This must be removed for PE.
See above for girls’ additional use.

All items of school uniform, except footwear and the boys' black trousers, can only be purchased from the School Uniform Shop. This is open from 8.45 -9.30am on Thursday mornings. You may place an order with the school office at any time and the item will be supplied as soon as possible.

All items of school uniform must be named.

To and From School

Students must wear correct school uniform to and from school. However, they may wear PE kit to school if they have PE /Sports during that day. Students attending a special event or activity immediately after school must obtain permission from a senior teacher or the Head to change out of school uniform to leave school.

In exceptionally cold or wet weather a topcoat may also be worn to and from school but this must be removed during lessons. Non school sweatshirts or hoodies are not permitted in school.


Girls' hair should be clean and tidy and, if long, must be tied back off the face with a navy blue ribbon or elastic type band. Hair must be its natural colour and not dyed or streaked. Hair styles should be conservative and not considered unconventional.

Boys' hair must be clean and short and not worn in any outlandish style. Hair must be its natural colour and not dyed or streaked. Sculpted hair styles are strictly forbidden. Boys should be clean shaven at all times.

Male or female students whose hair is considered inappropriate for school will be given a reasonable amount of time to correct it, normally up to 1 week. However, if a senior teacher or the Head deem a students’ hair is totally unsuitable for school, parents will be asked to collect their child and have the situation remedied before the student can return to school.


We strongly recommend that students avoid wearing any expensive jewellery which falls within the following rules. Wingate School takes no responsibility for loss or damage to any personal jewellery.
Jewellery may not be worn to school because of the danger of physical injury, damage or loss.
Rings, bracelets and wrist bands are not allowed. Charity wrist bands are only allowed for the short duration of that charity event or 1 week maximum.
Students may wear a watch (except in external exams).
Necklaces are not allowed unless for religious beliefs but these must be hidden and removed for PE or sports.

Girls may wear one pair of very small plain stud earrings in lobes only.

Boys may not wear earrings.


Girls are allowed to wear a small amount of make-up. No nail varnish, acrylic, gel or false nails are allowed.

If you are unsure on the amount of make-up that is acceptable please speak to Mrs Tolfrey or Mrs Hopewell.


If there is a serious medical reason for a child not coming to school correctly dressed allowances will be made. Students with foot problems such as in-growing nails or blisters will be allowed to wear slippers or an open flat sandal on the injured foot if they have a medical note from their parents or doctor. Medical advice suggests that trainers are not an advantage to quick healing.

Sixth Form

Students may wear their own clothes in accordance with the Sixth Form Dress Code document in the Sixth Form area of the school website.