ages 11-16

SecondaryWingate Secondary School has approximately 200 students from 20+ nationalities. We follow the UK National Curriculum with added Spanish lessons. The Senior School also has a traditional feeling with Prefects selected from Year 11 and a strict uniform policy. Classes are no larger than 24 but in Science, Maths, English and Spanish, classes are set to allow smaller groups and aid individual learning.

For many of our families, moving to Tenerife and then their children studying in a British school, it is a huge step. In the Policies section of our website, there is lots of advice and guidance for families. Such as: 'British Schools Academic Pathway' and as we have many second language students, the 'English as an Additional Language' policy explains what extra support is available. All students have an entry interview with the Head of School to ascertain if both parties feel Wingate is the best place for their child’s learning.

We monitor progress closely with three Reports and two Open Days each year, when parents may see their children’s Tutor and subject teachers. However to encourage the school/parent relationship you can request a meeting at any time by making an appointment via the Office. Home/school communication is very important in aiding your child’s academic success.

Years 10 & 11 studies culminate in externally set IGCSE exams - as in UK. Please refer to the Year 10 Options Booklet in the Information for Parents drop down menu. This has lots of details on the subjects and examinations student will take for those two years.

Alongside Spanish lessons in Years 7, 8 & 9, all students study Spanish Social Science but delivered in English. Spanish National students are obliged to study Spanish Social Science delivered in Spanish in Years 10 & 11. This allows students to convalidate their British qualifications. This pathway is also available top set Spanish students. Please refer to the Year 10 Options Booklet for more details on Homologaciones.

Continuing onto study at Wingate Sixth Form is based on a student’s success at IGCSE, aptitude and attitude towards their studies. Almost without exception our Sixth Form students continue on to universities all over the World.