Wingate now offering a catering service for students
Last year we asked our parents what they wanted for their children and hot meals was one of the things most requested. We have found a top french catering company that specialises in tasty and healthy meals for schools and will be offering this to our students as of the 9th of September.

The meals will consist of a 3 course meal with bread (this will be wholemeal 3 times a week). Starter, main course and a healthy dessert (fruit or yoghurt). For the infants this dessert will be used as a mid-morning snack. None of the food will be fried as it has been designed by a professional nutritionist to be a perfectly balanced diet for active children. Only oven-baked and boiled cooking methods will be used.

The cost of the meals will be 150€ per month (10 school months) but we are offering a 30€ monthly discount to all our pupils as a gesture of goodwill for the entire first year making it 120€/month for the whole academic year 2019/2020.

As part of the service, for the younger ones, the food monitors will keep an eye on what the children eat and how much, and provide feedback to parents where necessary to ensure they are always totally up-to-date with their child's daily nutrition.

We cater for all allergies and these meals will be designed individually by the nutritionist to ensure that they are safe and a perfectly well-balanced diet. These will be at no extra cost.

For more information and to sign up for these meals, please visit the school office.

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