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Education in English for children of all nationalities.

Academic Year 2016/2017

Wingate School - Fee List and Information

To enrol a child at Wingate School it is necessary to complete the application form and return it with the other relevant documents to the school office. Should your child be placed on the waiting list, you will have the option of withdrawing your application and receiving back the €120.00 registration fee. HOWEVER, SHOULD THE SCHOOL OFFER A PLACE, THE REGISTRATION FEE IS NOT RETURNABLE SHOULD YOU NO LONGER WISH TO TAKE THE PLACE OFFERED.

Once a place is offered at the school, a deposit of €850.00 (1 child per family) €1000.00 (2 children per family) and €1200.00 (3 children plus per family) has to be paid before being admitted into the school. The deposit is returnable provided THREE MONTHS NOTICE is given in writing before the beginning of the next term, other than the summer term when we would require FOUR MONTHS NOTICE in which your child will not be in school, i.e. 10th October for those leaving at the end of the Autumn Term, 30th January for those leaving at the end of the Spring Term and 7th May for those leaving at the end of the Summer Term. The deposit can then be used towards the school fees if there is a balance outstanding. The balance will be returned on the last day of the child attending school. There are three terms per year:

The school fees are:

Sixth Form Year 12 (Full time)
Standard Course Year 12 (Full time)
Seniors (ages 11 - 16 years)
Juniors (ages 7 - 11 years)
Infants (4 - 7 years)
Nursery (age 3)
€2106.00 per term (plus €71.00 per term if taking Chemistry or Art)
€1750.00 per term
€1540.00 per term
€1330.00 per term
€1330.00 per term
€1380.00 per term
There will be additional costs for the support of second language students

For families with three children attending Wingate, there is a discount of 5% on the school fees. For four children, 7.5% is deducted from the school fees.

These fees should be paid during the ten days after the commencement of term directly to the school bank account – clearly stating the name of the student/s.

Fees paid after the first ten days of term will be liable to a 5% surcharge unless prior arrangement has been made with the School Office or Head. The only extra costs are that of school uniform and the cost of a school outing either educational or recreational of which there will not be more than one per term and the additional cost in Years 10 and 11 for IGCSE exams which cost approximately €75.00-€100.00 each depending on the exam board and subject. Children needing extra support in exams i.e. a reader for children with diagnosed dyslexia will be charged €20.00 per hour for invigilation.

Children over the age of 11 years will only be admitted after the school has received a full report from the previous school and an interview has been held with the Head of Wingate School.

In case of children wishing to join the school directly from England and unable to attend an interview a skype interview will be arranged and parents will need to send the name, address and telephone number of the previous school.