Dear All,

Next week is a busy week!
As part of our Personal, Social and Health Education programme, we will begin our annual dedicated week teaching RSE ( Relationships and Sexual Education), throughout the Infants and Juniors,on the week starting Monday 24th May. RSE forms part of the British National Curriculum. The purpose of RSE is to provide knowledge and understanding of safe and healthy relationships based on respect, using age appropriate resources. This starts in Reception class and may sound scary by the title. In the Infants we like to call it "Body Awareness week". In Reception, for example, we discuss the importance of our families, what makes each of us special, family celebrations. We talk about the importance of keeping clean, healthy bodies, cleaning teeth, etc. By Year 2, the children talk about expectations of boys and girls, typical stereotypes and the differences between girls and boys. We follow the Christopher Winter Project, which provides step by step lessons in each child's age group.

Friday´s focus is Dia de Canarias and the children may come to school in a Canarian costume if they wish. (It may be a good idea to send in their uniform to change into if they get hot during the day.) The children will be involved in learning a little about our lovely island, and the other islands and we hope to perform a little song to send to you next week!

On the subject of recording, our Year 2 children recorded a song yesterday which they were so proud of. I have sent this version to the office to add to our facebook collection but it was so lovely, I thought you might like to hear it first!! "One Little Voice" with powerful lyrics :
"I am one little voice and I want to be heard
I am one little voice but I give you my word
I will try to make this world of ours a place where all can live
In the unity and brotherhood of man......"

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department