Dear All,
What a great week!
I have been so proud of the children - entering the school so sensibly and settling to their new routines. Thank you so much for your help to enable a smooth start back to school.

For your information, if you need to contact your child's teacher, please use the following email addresses rather than disturbing the office where possible: (please note the change from yesterday where there was a typing error - Miss Mason) (Miss Brown) (Year 2 - Miss Styles) (Reception and Head of Infants - Miss Pearson)

Nursery parents - The Nursery teachers are still waiting for some photos - one A5 size, and one passport/id size.

Pencil cases - Not all the children have brought a pencil case yet. These will be kept in school at this time (not too big please or there isn't enough space at the table - and no felt tips needed or glitter pens!!)

Water/juice bottles - No glass please!

Birthdays - When your child has a birthday, in the past parents have sent treats or gifts to give out to the class. This is not possible now, as I am sure you will understand.

PE (Physical Education) starts next week for all classes except Nursery. Please check Monday´s newsletter (14th September) for the days for your class and remember any girls with earrings must have them removed before school.

Have a good weekend. It's great to be back!!