Dear All,

Many thanks to everyone for making this morning's arrival at school such a success on our first attempt! We were all in and ready to start by 9am!

Just a couple of points;

Can you please check for any school reading books that may still be at home. When the children left quickly in March, teachers did not have time to collect them in. Therefore, we have quite a number of reading books missing.
If your child is having a lunch from home please remember to include cutlery. We had a significant number of children who had nothing to eat their lunch with and due to Covid restrictions we can not provide forks and spoons.
Children need to have spare masks within their school bags.
Can all Star of the Month trophies be returned to school.

I have also attached a couple of videos of the pick up / drop off zones.

Seniors with Infant/Junior siblings:


Seniors :

Many thanks,

Mrs L Estevez

Head of Juniors