Dear All,

I hope everyone remains well, and that we are feeling positive in moving forward to Phase Two.
Here are last week´s Rainbow Friday pictures for those who haven't seen them.
Rainbow Friday

I look forward to seeing the children's craft photos this week. Please send directly to me so I can put them together for Monday morning.

Certain parents have expressed concern about coping with the quantity of work being set, especially during Phase One where more parents have been able to return to work. Please rest assured that we, as teachers, totally understand this and we will attempt to reduce the workload, or provide suggestions to prioritise work. It is so difficult when the children are not in front of us, as I have said before. We are trying hard to get the right balance, but we value your opinion. If you want more/less work please let us know. What suits one family does not suit all but we will try our best to cater for everyone's needs.
If you think I can help in any way or answer any questions (no matter which class) please email me, and maybe we can set up a video call.
The important thing is not to worry. We will make sure everything is fine and you, as parents, have been doing an amazing job for which I (and the rest of our staff) are so grateful.

Have a lovely weekend (and don´t forget to send your photos!!)