Dear All,

Another week completed! Thank you for all the supportive messages we have continued to receive this week.

We all know that some children work faster than others, some are more motivated to do their jobs than others, some need a bit of help, some need a lot of help, some need no help. I think some parents are worried that we are giving too much, or that some things are too difficult. Some are worried because parents also need to work from home so can't spend the time they would like. Or have more than one child to help.Some are worried because they are not teachers! PLEASE DON'T WORRY! In my opinion it is important for the children to have a routine, so just do what you can.

Please contact the office if your child's chromebook is not working or not permitting your child to complete their work.

Some ideas for over the weekend:
If you go onto the websites for San Diego Zoo and Edinburgh Zoo, you can access their webcams to look at the various animals. have a variety of audible stories that the children can listen to.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Mrs L Estevez

Head of Juniors