Dear parents & guardians,

Although we in no way wish to overly concern you, in view of the seriousness of the Covid-19 virus outbreak in Northern Italy and in the interests of students, staff and parent safety, the senior management of Wingate School would like parents to take the following actions:

Any parents, students, friends or relatives who have visited you recently, who have stayed in the Red area of Northern Italy - which is basically all of Lombardy and parts of the Veneto, MUST stay away from school for the next 2 weeks and we strongly advise self quarantine.

Any parents or students who have stayed in Italy from Pisa north but not in the Red area should monitor their health closely.

For any parent or student of either of the above show any flu like symptoms, temperature or shortness of breath, they must contact 112 immediately and self quarantine.

There will be extra work for any absent students posted on the cloud.

From the school standpoint, all students will be reminded of hand and personal hygiene on Monday morning. Every classroom has hand sanitiser and tissues for student and staff use.

We sincerely hope these measures will reassure all parents that the school takes this current situation seriously but in a controlled and measured manner.

Kind regards,

The senior management of Wingate School.