Dear All,

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely Summer!
I have attached the Infant newsletter which the children should have brought home yesterday or today. Infant PE starts next week except for Nursery.

Our Infant children finish at 3.30pm. The rest of the school finishes at 3.45pm. At home time, please leave the school promptly if you do not have older children to collect. Those parents with older children, please wait in the driveway - do not go to the Junior area until 3.45pm - and keep your Infant with you.

Our new catering service starts on Monday and seems to be extremely popular! If you have not registered your child but would like to be included perhaps next month, please contact the school office .

The new enrichment activity timetable can involve children from as young as Reception age in some areas - A great way of learning new skills! Please let the office know if you wish your child to be involved.

One of our Reception mums has asked if anyone has a recording of our summer show last term and were willing to share it?

Have a good weekend!

Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department