Dear All,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely, restful holiday!
Could we please make a New Year´s Resolution to bring your child to school on time, and also to collect your child promptly!

PE this term - Reception - Monday and Friday (Friday come in PE kit)
Y1 - Tuesday and Friday
Y2 - Wednesdays only

The Year 2 children will be having a longer PE session at the pitch with Mrs Edwards and Miss Gould.
Nursery - due to Senior exams Tuesday 15th - PE for Red group only
Thursday 17th - PE for Blue group only

Nursery parents - FOR TUESDAY - Every child will need an empty toilet roll tube or similar! (Sounds interesting!!)
Also for Nursery parents - As part of the topic on Minibeasts, the Nursery children will be tasting honey on bread. If your child is not allowed honey /bread please inform the Nursery staff before Friday.

Year 1 - spelling tests will be weekly now! Good luck!
Reception class - the children have a letter in their book bags and a spelling list - We have 2 weeks to practice for our first test!!

Miss Pearson

Head of the Infant department